Tennis: Federer in semis in Basel, Nadal put an end to his season.

Roger Federer has qualified for the semifinals of tournament Basel Friday, then Rafael Nadal, beaten in quarters 6-2, 7-6 (7/4) by the Croatian Borna Coric, put an end to his season and will be operated for appendicitis on November 3. I won’t go to Paris and London. I’m not competitive enough. I’ll let me operate on 3 November, explained the Majorquin of 28 years, confirming its package for the Masters 1000, Paris-Bercy next week and above all the Masters of end of the year in London, from 9 to 16 November. Today, it is the day to say goodbye to the season and I had six good months this year. But it was difficult with my back and wrist problems and now the appendicitis. I therefore need to be made to work on my back the week next before the operation. Then I will need five weeks to recover, said Nadal, winner including nine Roland Garros. The Spanish had taken late September competition from Beijing after three months of absence due to a wrist injury. He had returned last week at home in Majorca, after his elimination in the first round of the Masters 1000 in Shanghai, suffering from an onset of inflammation of the Appendix. It was under antibiotic for 4-5 days and her doctor had explained to him that he could continue to play despite his appendicitis. It was difficult during the entire match and throughout the tournament. Every day, I feel more tired. I was trying to cause me to get in shape, but this was not possible. I was not competitive. I was not trying to reach the quarterfinals, j? try to win the tournament, concluded Nadal. In early afternoon, the world no. 3 said package for the Masters 1000, Paris-Bercy which starts Monday, for personal reasons. If Nadal does not come, it would be reluctantly. I think he’s going to have surgery, had then said Guy Forget, the Tournament Director. In the evening, Roger Federer, no. 2 world, has emerged with authority in Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, world 11th, 7-6 (7/4), 6-2, and thus continues its road to a sixth title at home. It’s like a meeting of shots on goal to play against him, said Federer by alluding to his opponent in the last four, the great server Croatian Ivo Karlovic, winner of the German Benjamin Becker 6 – 4, 6-4. Should just choose a side when he served and hope that it is good. There is really no strategy, said Federer. The other semi-final will catch Coric and the Belgian David Goffin who took the best on Canada’s Milos Raonic 6-7 (3/7), 6-3, 6-4. . You should read this to discover extra about this amazing matter.

Cgil, Saturday in the square: goal one million people. Squinzi: «this is not the time to strike, but to join forces».

Hundreds of thousands of people to the streets tomorrow to Rome to say no to Jobs act, starting with changes to article 18 of the Statute of workers and seek changes to the Bill of stability. The demonstration called by the Cgil might participate in a Technical survey for the widespread trade in recent days about a million people, but the figure a goal not easily reachable against a Government led by the Secretary of the Democratic Party. The tradition will be respected with a motorcade departing from piazza della Repubblica and one from piazzale dei Partigiani (Ostiense) that will combine to piazza san Giovanni behind the banner work, dignity, equality to change Italy. In marches alongside workers, unemployed, precarious workers, pensioners and students parade exponents of the minority Democratic Party as Cuperlo, Civati (who asked expressly to Bersani, come anche tu) and Fassina while at the same time the majority will meet in the fifth edition of the Leopolda in Florence with the premier, Matteo Renzi. From the front of businesses, the President of Confindustria Giorgio Squinzi, tend a helping hand and the event will not make judgments: If the Cgil has taken this decision, "says from Lamezia-did it for his reasons and we do not express reviews. This, for, not the time of the clashes. It’s time to join forces. In the same vein the Confindustria Giovani who asked the Cgil to cooperate with enterprises to defend the work rather than take to the streets to defend ideologies. Convinciamoli-Gay-Mark said that, rather than take to the streets tomorrow to defend ideologies, can cooperate with us to defend the work. We open a new phase of confrontation with the syndicate to increase productivity. For his part Camusso shows skeptical on the call by Union Confindustria: strange appeal. We’re dealing with companies that lay off and restructure and you don’t make the employment in the country. And on the other hand the leader of Icyl cools even the enthusiasm of Nichi Vendola: the Cgil decides alone, we must not pursue any claim of debate between political parties says, after the leader of Sel had assured for tomorrow’s announcement from the Cgil general strike. Making comparisons with the past, the Cgil reaffirm that are not possible with the manifestation of the 2002 al Circo Massimo for the defense of the article 18 of the Statute of workers (premier Berlusconi era), but the memory of that success of participation will not come back to mind who was present (the processions set out ahead of time because the squares of concentration camps were too crowded). Camusso wrote to unionized to invite them to participate and when the bookings are many (2.500 buses and ten special trains plus a ship and two charter flights from Sardinia to about 150.000 people organized Lazio excluded). We will count one-said Camusso yesterday-believes that the challenge to expose the lies of the Government will not disregard numbers. It will be a great event-said today the leader Fiom, Maurizio Landini-we have signs that in some regions cannot coach. No consent to the choices that the Government is doing. only the beginning of the mobilization that will come up with a general strike. . Main source can be found checking this

Venice Biennale: artist and blogger make German Pavilion.

Five German and international media artist with a critical political views of the present design the German Pavilion for the Venice Biennale in 2015 the documenta participants Olaf Nicolai, German filmmaker Hito Steyerl, the photographer Tobias Zielony and the Cairo-based film-maker Jasmina Maharani of Egypt blogger Philip Rizk are involved. The curator of the German announced pavilions, Florian Ebner, on Friday in Essen. The recognized photo art expert directs at the Museum Folkwang in Essen the photographic collection. The Olaf Nicolai born 1962 in Halle in the former GDR, is a concept – and media artist who creates with different materials, artificial landscapes or disturbing installations. The multiple award-winning artist and sculpture Professor took part in 1997 and twice (2001, 2005) documenta in the Biennale. The Hito Steyerl born 1966 in Munich, has made a name as a documentary and experimental filmmaker with political demands. Recently she traveled in the southern Turkish city neighbours near the Northern Syrian border town of Kobans, which is besieged by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). . Related facts can be inspected visiting

The price of cigars and cigarillos will blaze.

The amendment, worn by the former Socialist Minister Michèle Delaunay and co-signed by Socialists and environmentalists, will impact strongly the consumer portfolio. According to the Association of suppliers of cigars in France (AFCF), which represents almost all of the manufacturers of cigars and cigarillos sold by tobacconists, "If this amendment is confirmed when the parliamentary Shuttle, package of 20 cigarillos (coffee-cream, best-selling reference on the french market with 3.15 million past boxes in 2013, Editor’s note) would increase from 7 to 17.60 euros.’, an increase of more than 10 euros ", regrets in a press release. The alignment of taxation of both products, repeatedly proposed, had always faced the rejection of MEPs so far. Michèle Delaunay amendment also received a negative opinion of the Committee on Social Affairs and the Government. "The France is the continental European countries which practice the most expensive rates" and cigars and cigarillos represent only "2% of the market by volume", said the Secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert, ensuring that "increase taxation increased illegal purchases. But for Michèle Delaunay, not question to promote this niche of the tobacco market because "the harmfulness is exactly the same" as for cigarettes. In its release, the AFCF warns that the measure will have "immediate consequences" in 2015, namely the collapse of sales of cigars and cigarillos in the network of french tobacconists and therefore a loss of tax from cigars revenue. and cigarillos of EUR 158 million "We are shocked, it’s madness. It is 55 tobacco office specialized in these sales that would thus see the bulk of their turnover lower,"warned the president of the confederation of tobacconists Pascal Montredon. According to him, if this increase was applied, "the consequence would be the closure of 1000 additional tobacco office, while already for the year 2014, we can count on the close of 1000 of tobacco", he hammered. According Michèle Delaunay, the issue before any health but is "tobacco is now in the world the first cause of death. . Main source may be studied reading the following hyperlink.

Cat Stevens now has the Blues.

Yusuf sits down on the sofa, can be a cup of tea, then smiles. His hands are wrinkled become, the beard snow white, rough voice. Is that the man who had a pop hit as Cat Stevens 40 years ago after another? As Yusuf Islam was on strictly religious Muslim and went underground for years? He is there, but the 66, there has been another development: his new album, tell ‘ EM I’m gone, that will be released on Friday, takes him back to his youth days – and is bristling with long forgotten blues sound. As a teenager I heard rhythm- and -blues, the small slices of black wax from the United States have influenced me, Yusuf said. The title song is a tribute to this time. As an art student I have often sat on the fire stairs and played guitar, when I was supposed to be in the classroom. Lead belly’s ‘Take this hammer,’ was one of the first songs I learned back then. ‘ Tell EM I’m gone’ is my interpretation of it. Howling guitars can be live on the sound of the 1950s in the new album, how that the Sahara band Tinariwen in the Ray Charles cover you are my sunshine in the creation of the Blues recall new African elements. For the slaves from Africa was the guitar of the key to freedom. It’s great to follow the roots of this music. How to get at its core. The unrest he, the famous convert, may actually not quite be expressed also in the Islamic world. Skeptical he will slip away a bit further on the sofa, but says: it is not about the question: which side are you on? This is antagonistic. We need more characters! So the way I see it, they are scarce. On both sides. It is easy to go to war, peace is so much more complicated. Words instead of weapons, sounds rather than balls: Yusuf Treu has this message in all these years, and he is also in his tour of peace train,. in Germany sing late again in November. I’m someone who still dreams, says Yusuf and sipping one last time at his tea. In Berlin, he remains only one night, then the pilot goes to Miami. Yusuf finally goes his own way. . For additional data about this subject read web site.

Cuts, safety and trade axe On patronages sting from 150 millions Read it on Messenger Digital.

The unions? Organizations full of money, had said a few months ago Matteo Renzi. So, as soon as the time has come to cut, the axe of the Government demolished on workers ‘ organizations. In men of denominations of 15 billions, of the law of stability (yesterday signed by Giorgio Napolitano) there are also. Government funding to the patronages, the isitituti assistance to workers and retirees are financed with a share of 0.226% of contributions, will be cut from next year by 150 million euros. A large scissor kick, whereas, according to estimates, the patronages each year should be less than 300 million. Getting the financing, of course, also the contribution coming from workers and retirees, which will be reduced from the current 0.226% in 0.148%. Apart from trade unions, the Government demolished Cleaver on all chapters of expenditure of the ministries. Truth be told, pulled the last line, the budgetary savings far from what the same Renzi had imagined when he attached the 3% rule: you barely managed to exceed the threshold of one billion, but also will save 1.2 billion which the municipalities. But this figure must be added another billion from individual operations on cuts and appropriations of funds with portfolio departments. But which chapters will help the most? Almost half will come from the defense. The Ministry headed by Roberta Pinotti has reduced its budget by 504 million. Not only is the Fund. Security also had to participate significantly in new spending review effort. Of the 100 million savings del ministero dell’interno, ben 74 million are budget reductions to public policy: 42 million cut to contrast to the crime, and other 27 planning and the coordination of Police Forces. Also cut 100 million to the Fund for autosufficienze, who has not done immediately protest Als patients. Bonus news beb: demand andr is made by the Inps that pay the 80 euros per month. The MANEUVER on the BUDGETS For the Ministry of justice the cost savings of about 100 million. skipped once, instead, always announced unification of Pra and MOT. Many of the savings come from the sectoral entries, funds managed by the ministries but that not always are hosted in their budgets. Aside from the 2 billion cut national health fund, there is also a substantial cut of 463 million to the Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund. Yesterday there was a meeting between the Government and the regions. Palazzo Chigi has warned Governors that the planned cuts entity, 4 billion, not touching. But during the Summit, acting on a proposal from the President of the State-regions Conference, Sergio Chiamparino, emerged a kind of praise, an extra time of 7-10 days to find alternative savings mechanisms to those identified by the Government. The award is shared commitment, through the standard cost method, to rationalize spending at all levels of the State. There’s also tap into almost 2 billion from the Fund at the Treasury to cover the risk of devaluation of derivatives subscribed by some regions. But on this front, the Government is reportedly working to avoid possible friction with via XX Settembre. . Root facts may be read clicking this info.

Pope Francis: life imprisonment is a sentence of death is hidden.

"Life imprisonment is a hidden death penalty». The complaint Pope Francesco in his speech to the International Association of Penal Law. «All Christians and people of good will-say-are called today or to fight not only for the abolition of the death penalty, whether legal or illegal, and in all its forms, but also in order to improve prison conditions, respecting the human dignity of persons deprived of liberty. And this, I connect it with life imprisonment. " In the speech, the Pope recalled that "at the Vatican, recently, the Vatican in the criminal code, there is no longer, the life imprisonment». Alternative sentences to prison ‘ The criminal justice system goes beyond its function properly and penalties arises on the soil of freedom and rights of the people, especially the most vulnerable ones, in the name of a preventive purpose whose effectiveness, until now, has not been able to verify, even for the most severe punishments, including the death penalty. " So Pope Francesco in a dense speech to the International Association of Penal Law received today at the hearing. "There is a risk, says Bergoglio-not to keep even the proportionality of penalties, which historically reflected the scale of values protected by the State. He faded the conception of criminal law as a last resort, as a last resort to sanction, which is restricted to the most serious facts against individual and collective interests more worthy of protection. It has also weakened the debate over replacing prison with other alternative penal sanctions. " «In this context, the Mission of Jurists cannot be other than to limit and contain these trends. Is a difficult task, at a time where many judges and penal system operators must carry out their duties under the pressure of the mass media, by some unscrupulous politicians and instincts of vengeance that meander in society. " . Original source may be found clicking this

Japan: a third Minister of Abe on the harness.

Barely appointed, already on the hot seat: the new Japanese Industry Minister acknowledged Thursday of the political in a bar sado-maso fund expenses, a new scandal inappropriate for Prime Minister Abe, whose two Ministers were already swept this week. According to Japanese media, a structure of management of money for Yoichi Miyazawa, licensee since Tuesday from the Ministry of economy, trade and industry (Meti) and Senator of the Hiroshima District (suburb of Tokyo), reported an expenditure of 18. 230 yen (135 euros) September 6, 2010 in hotel, where girls are tying with ropes by clients. "I learned in the press, and that is correct," confessed Yoichi Miyazawa before television cameras, but he was quick to add that he was not involved personally in this evening. If the mentioned sum may seem derisory, the political damage, he is potentially large. In his first reshuffle since his arrival in power end December 2012, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe welcomed early September have managed to keep all his ministers for nearly two years, an exceptional longevity that contrasts with six years of chronic instability and practically a Prime Minister a year. But since then, it seems to play bad luck. This black series falls in any case badly for Prime Minister Abe who had done this reshuffle precisely with the aim of restoring breath to his action, including the promotion of five women Ministers as a symbol of willingness to involve more Japanese women in the world of work. He relied more on the young Minister of industry, a mugged MOM of two children to succeed to convince residents of the need to restart reactor nuclear plants, all to the judgment of the fact of the Fukushima disaster in March 2011. . Related facts can be inspected clicking website.

Grand Paris: the extension of line 14 of the metro postponed to mid-2019.

Commissioning of the extension of line 14 of the Paris Métro, designed to relieve the pressure on line 13 and to pave the way for the Grand Paris Express, is postponed for two years to mid-2019, announced Thursday the RATP to AFP. We do not want to talk of delay but certain technical, administrative and environmental constraints are considered today the commissioning to the mi-2019 instead of 2017, said the Deputy Director general in charge of projects and investments to the RATP, Christian Galivel. Horizon 2017 was a very strong ambition, at height of the stakes, but the work of deviation are very important, possessions of land took more time than expected and on done work at the foot of buildings and residents, we are not going to work at night, he detailed, adding however that the study phase is complete, the construction began. The two TBMS, necessary for the underground work, are under construction and the stations are currently being shelled, he said. Line 14, which leaves Olympiads, in the 13th district in southeastern Paris, and currently stops at gare Saint-Lazare should be extended four stations up to the Town Hall of Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), through a tunnel of approximately 5.8 km. This tunnel will cross the capital (8th, 9th and 17th arrondissements), Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine) and Saint-Ouen with a maîtrise d’ouvrage Joint Union of transport of île-de-France (Stif) and RATP. The capacity of the line will be increased to 40. 000 passengers per hour. Estimated at 1.38 billion euros, the work of the Saint-Lazare/Saint-Ouen extension will be funded to 55% by Société du Grand Paris, 20% by the city of Paris, 13% by the Ile-de-France region, and 6% by the General Councils of the Hauts-de-Seine and the Seine-Saint-Denis. The financing of the remaining 6% will be provided in the context of the next contract period, said the RATP. According to Mr. Galivel, the envelope will be respected. . Related text can be found visiting

Ukraine: the emergence of the generation Maidan in the legislative elections.

Journalist known for his investigations into corruption in Ukraine, Lozovskyi Lechtchenko is candidate in the legislative elections, as many representatives of civil society engaged in the protest movement of the Maidan who hope finally weigh in on politics. I do not know whether we will get there or not. But we must try to do not regret having spoiled that opportunity, says Mr. Lechtchenko, in 19th position on the list of block Petro Poroshenko of the pro-Western president, for which political parties are currently funded by the oligarch clans. This great bearded spectacled, who writes for a fifteen years for the influential Ukrainska Pravda website, was in training at the University of Stanford in the United States when pro-European Maidan challenge started in Kiev last November. Its resounding investigations into the corruption of the regime of the former President Viktor Ianoukovitch have greatly contributed to the mobilization of the Ukrainians and contributed to its fall in February. At his side on the presidential list include his friend Mustafa Naiem, another Ukrainian journalist who launched on Facebook the first call to the protests of Maidan, and his companion Svitlana Zalichtchouk, responsible for several initiatives aimed at strengthening the control of the company on the members. The phenomenon is unprecedented in Ukraine: all the main pro-Western parties in contention are on their electoral lists of civil society activists. Fifty of them should enter in the new legislature, which has 450 seats, according to political scientist Taras Berezovets estimates. The expert said this movement by a powerful application of the society for the renewal of political elites and parliamentarians, club dominated by clans to rich representatives. Lozovskyi Lechtchenko, Moustafa Naiem and Svitlana Zalichtchouk have all three less than 35 years and believe in their historic chance to change the country, which proclaimed its independence from the USSR 23 years ago but was distanced economically by neighbors of the Warsaw as the Poland or the Hungary Pact. -Pragmatic choice – after much hesitation, Moustafa Naiem tells having taken its decision after a conversation this summer with the American political scientist Francis Fukuyama, author of the bestseller the end of history and the last man. You must be prepared to get dirty hands, to make compromises (,.) As long as the new generation will not enter politics, there will be no chance of change, said the American. The trio nominated him to several parties. All accepted. They finally joined the presidential movement, currently at the top of the polls. Their participation was officially announced in September at a conference where the three friends are presented in t-shirts with nominated Fuck corruption, symbol of their political priorities. But the news triggered an avalanche of criticism, some accusing them of will be sold to the new regime. It was a pragmatic choice. If the objective is to criticize, it is necessary to join the opposition but if you want changes, it is better to join the movement to these changes, explains Mr. Lechtchenko. Ideally, he would found a political party, but there was not time, legislative elections anticipated having been decreed in late August, admits Svitlana Zalichtchouk. In addition, a legislative campaign cost at least 10 million dollars in Ukraine, inaccessible figure for activists, she adds. If they are elected, young activists want to ally with other newcomers in politics to open up access to the Parliament to new parties, including lowering the threshold needed so a list is represented (5% currently) or by prohibiting any political advertising on television to make the least costly campaign. Will activists of the Maidan change effectively in a Parliament undermined by corruption? Many doubt. This group of new politicians will be very productive and useful for the renewal of the legislature considers for its part political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko, the Penta in Kiev center. They go there with concrete initiatives and will bring a new breath to the Parliament, notably by contributing to greater transparency. . For more information about this matter read web site.

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