Icy reception to the Francis Pope in Ankara.

I am not interested in the m s m nimo Pope. I am Muslim n, for me there is important thatthe Pope is visiting Turkey to. And almost all of my countrymen think exactly like me. It is not that I don’t like my: is that gives me equally, I don’t care what m s minimum. Ouzan Sahin has 22 to, studying veterinary medicine in Ankara and as the huge greater than the Turks yesterday opt for giving back to Francisco coming to Turkey to, a country of 76 million people in which 97% are Muslim and where Christians just added in total some 150. 000 souls. A degree under zero goes to sign up yesterday in Ankara. And m s or less that was also the temperature with which the Turkish capital got Francisco. For my dad doesn’t mean anything, so your visit nor does mean nothing, he claimed his English s a little macarr nico Sebnem, Secretary of a Manager to. Not pleased the Pope to come to Turkey to neither bothers me: give me equal. Is normal to come, has visited other pa ses and now is in Turkey to. But while his words can have openwork in other pa ses, here, highlighted by Ilis Teslim, a graduate in biolog a molecular is doing PhD. I do not know none of the Pope’s visit, today I had an exam and I’ve concentrated on that, ensured Borish, her husband. The nico to be Pope is that yesterday they said that hab to demanded a special armored car. No, to the rev s: has rejected the car shielded than quer which used, le correg at Ilis. . Inspirational data may be found checking this reference.

Rafael Spottorno: ‘never did misuse of Bankia card’.

Spottorno hab to spent 223. 000 euros in the os that it was linked to the Bank, but he says ning n misuse of the card I did in ning n time. I’ve used it for what I was told that pod in use and within the l mites in that pod to use it. For what has been the right hand of King Juan Carlos, attacks and the ticas cr who has suffered from this esc scandal not going against Rafael Spottorno, which are three months to meet 70 to you, the age of jubilaci n a tico diplom and whose unique n immediate aspiration is to live calmly. Despite the des nimo, smile and when asked by the small or s Nicol, who, despite the denials, contin to boasting of his close relations both with the Royal household as with the mism simo King Don Juan Carlos, which says that it has exchanged some personal messages. However, Carlos Garc to Revenga, Secretary of the Infantas, categorically denies this fusion n. For his part, Rafael Spottorno considers it absurd. I have never met him at all, thank God, and I have seen him in my life. I have no idea of c mo got an invitation n to the n of Felipe VI proclamaci, but it is clear that p publicly has exhibited it. . For more data regarding this topic read http://69421226b06b2499e9703ed6465e14b2.oursoundtracks.com.

F.A.Z. interview with Bodo Ramelow: “This is a turning point for the party”.

Bodo Ramelow, the first politician of the left party, which could hold the post of a Prime Minister, has called a "Milestone for my party" the formation of the Government in Thuringia, Germany. Ramelow said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Red Red Green coalition under his leadership will change the left party. "Before forming a Government with us was always seen as accidents. Now you realize, that it’s no longer", said Ramelow, who wants to govern with a red red green coalition in Thuringia, Germany. His election as Prime Minister in the next week was therefore a turning point for the Party on December 5. "Whether it is a turning point for Germany, will show up." Ramelow defended his stance in the debate, whether the German Democratic Republic had been a wrong state. He must return the party officials who refused, that an appropriate formulation was recorded in the coalition agreement that: "we have to do this discussion." Ramelow said he put also emphasis, that the DDR system and the Nazi not likely to be equated. Therefore, the GDR as unjust State always in "a context" must be made. . For additional insights about this topic visit http://69421226b06b2499e9703ed6465e14b2.oursoundtracks.com.

TED talks: The world explained in videos.

TED was founded in 1984 by architect Richard Saul Wurman in Monterey, California, as a kind of secret Club, which meets once per year to a Conference. The first speech was held by Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the initiative one l top per child. He then talked about the future development of storage devices, touch screens and the Internet. And should get right in surprisingly many points. In Germany, the tickets are fortunately cheaper: 119 euro pays those who register in time. The 800 seats are already sold out on Saturday in Munich. Program is that the prices are capped, and even properly reduced for students. TEDx conferences take place namely in Germany and the rest of the world. And the small x indicates, there are local offshoots of the great TED, they follow the same rules, they have the same look, but they are self-contained. Currently there are 165 countries TEDx conferences, on average ten of them take place every day somewhere in the world. A Berlin media makers is that the idea of TED spreads in Europe and more and more local organizers even put conferences on the legs: Stephan Balzer, founder of the communication agency red onion, is four years TED ambassadors for Europe and 2009 organised its first multidisciplinary conference in Berlin. Why TED has developed such an attraction especially on younger describes Balzer: TED is something like a bonfire, to meet with friends and each other the best stories told. Currently he encourages in particular universities to organize TED conferences. Balzer is an enthusiast who is nevertheless aware of the difficulties of the Germans with the Californian optimism of progress: it is usual, in this country, to present ideas and to share, before they are fully mature. But we bring together disciplines normally does not meet. We believe that at the edges, where the different disciplines are touching, innovation is created. Something does not work, when I’m only in my own channel. . Related data can be found visiting http://69421226b06b2499e9703ed6465e14b2.oursoundtracks.com.

Beating victim Tana A.: “outlaw violence against women”.

Under the impression of the death of the 22-year-old tennis student Tana Albayrak of Parliament has expressed on Thursday unanimously for it, violence against and more decisively to combat discrimination against women. "We live in a deeply misogynist world", said the SPD Deputy Lisa Gnadl. Every fifth woman in Germany, physical or sexual violence heard by their current or a former partner, the female over 15-year-old, who already were faced with violence, lie with 35 percent even above the average in the European Union. The consequence of such shocking figures must be the expansion of protection and assistance. The student Albayrak was in mid-November before a McDonald’s-restaurant in Offenbach by a Serbian-born man has been knocked down and bounced in the fall with the head on the ground. According to friends she had been previously two girls to help, were besieged by the later suspect and two other men on the toilet. On Wednesday the doctors in the Sana Hospital Offenbach had the patient to be brain dead explains how the hospital confirmed. Now, the parents decide when the devices are switched off. Family circles was to hear that this should be done on the 23rd birthday of Albayraks, on Friday. Friends of the family have called on to gather from 18: 00 in front of the hospital to a candlelit vigil. . For additional data regarding this subject check web site.

Look man: the ‘lumbersexuel’ out of wood.

We come in already in the evenings. He worked in new technologies or communication skills but seems straight out of the Canadian wood: it has provided, door boots beard and a lumberjack shirt. The «lumbersexuel», armed with his wild style, replaced the delicate metrosexual in the urban landscape. This woodcutter (Editor’s Note: "lumberjack") cities that has invaded the streets, Brooklyn, Berlin, Blogger Tom Puzak identified recently on the internet site GearJunkie. com, dedicated to the world "outdoor".  "The metrosexual is now a species endangered, replaced by men more interested in outdoor life by refined beauty care," he wrote.  This hipster-man of the Woods hides an urban who still works for a comfortable wage described Tom Puzak. In his backpack, point lumberjack’s axe, but a MacBook Air. "Over the era curved cuts, slender, almost feminine silhouettes", Geoffrey Bruyère, co-author of the "stylish, even unshaven man Guide" published by Pyramyd analysis. "Now we will to more cuts, more raw materials as of flannels, vegetable leathers, the jean gross, he notes. Other elements of the wardrobe: trousers rolled up that reveals the calves in the summer, the Canadian parka in the winter, shoes Timberland and thick checked shirts, already in vogue in the 1990s. Under his shaggy appearance, the lumbersexuel is a refined being: he wears his beard with gomine hair, sharp cultural tastes and likes the homemade food, in his quest for natural. This look of manly lumberjack, homosexuals had taken over there are already several decades, says Sylvain Zimmermann, load the Culture section at the monthly gay Têtu.   "Imaging of the woodcutter was long in the world of gay porn," he says. "Hetero culture completely digested gay culture in is reclaiming its dress codes." The phenomenon had already occurred ten years with metrosexuals, influences influenced by David Beckham, who converted to body care, began to buy creams and designer clothes, while continuing to prefer women. Today, the "lumbersexuel" draws "bear" (the bear), name given to the bearded and burly homosexual in the gay community. He bottomed plays the card of virility and adopted a look of camper to go strolling in Tom Ford or Dolce & Gabbana boutiques.  In reality, the art of the lumbersexuel is to give the impression that he cares not her way of dressing. Among the celebrities, Ryan Gosling or Eric Cantona embody each in its way this lumberjack of cities, as well as the American actor Joe Manganiello ("True Blood"), the Australian Hugh Jackman ("Wolverine") or even the British Charlie Hunnam ("Pacific Rim" and "Sons of Anarchy"). More humorously, Chewbacca from the Star Wars saga was a precursor. Think women of these beings hairy, which could herald the return of the alpha male? Of the property, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, which asked its readers: "come out with a lumbersexuel? It is time to find out. ""His beard is long, shaggy, not cut, because it is not looked in a mirror for months. And you know what? You have the chance,"could be read in the women’s magazine. At the time of global fashion, look lumbersexuel may, however, be declined in versions slightly more hip-hop or punk.   . Extended info can be found clicking page.

Star reporter travelling in Nigeria: A country in the grip of terror.

As we’ve found Reverend Dauda Tumba, the fighters of Boko Haram are already threatening close moved to the city. A peaceful village in northeastern of Nigeria, is idyllically situated actually Yola on the banks of the slow-flowing Benue. Evening fog envelops the forests like a gauze veil. The people living from fishing or from the sugar cane cultivation. For a few years, foreign professors teach at an American University. By Yola buses to the neighbouring countries of Chad and Cameroon, usually. Also, the Reverend wants to continue. Dauda Tumba, 74, sitting on a plastic chair in the shade of a tree. A comfortable man of God, stoppeliger skull, impish smile. a little calm brings. He wants to stay but definitely not. He knows what the fighters make of Boko Haram with people who fall into the hands. He was one of them. A good half a year is, that Boko Haram in Europe provided the headlines. Mid-April the Islamist terrorists kidnapped 276 girls from a school in northeastern of Nigeria. The name of the place, Chibok, became a synonym for equally absurd as perfidious violence. It was not the first attack on a school, but for the first time, the world got an inkling of the daily atrocities in the region. Twitter millions asked bring back our girls, among them Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie. Many people anywhere in the world to cling until today in the hope that the girls will be free again. . Additional text can be read clicking weblink.

Pope trip to Turkey: outstretched hand.

Pope Franziskus has arrived in Turkey. There, he wants to continue Islam dialogue, the world Catholic Vatican Council has committed itself since the II. It leads the dialogue but not at any price. So the Council for interreligious conversation on the via della Conciliazione in Rome has closely monitored the aberrations of the "perverted Islam" at the "Islamic State (IS)", until Cardinal Tauran, who for many years was the Vatican’s "Foreign Minister", burst his President Jean Louis on August 12, the collar. In eleven points, he denounced IS atrocities as a "serious violation of humanity and God, their creator", is "nothing – certainly not with religion – justify" left. He therefore call on all people of good will, "especially Muslims" to condemn "decided, brave, unanimous and unambiguous" these crimes. What credibility would the religions, as what sense would have "an inter-religious dialogue we were patiently led the last years". The threat worked. First of all, the slow, vague distancing against "Exaggerations" of the "IS"caliphate were not enough. The Vatican left them unanswered until on September 19, 126 Islamic scholars called the brutal regime IS as "haram", so sinful and UN-Islamic. Rome took the answer as a credible and serious and invited to the third Catholic Muslim forum, which ended recently. The world prayer meeting for peace, which in 1986 called Johannes Paul II. in Assisi in the lives, including Muslims. In fresh memory, the prayer meetings, which is Papst Franziskus Israel Präsidenten Simon Peres and the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas, in June asked the Vatican garden. There prayed the representatives of Muslim, Jewish and Christian religions "as brothers to their common father in heaven" to peace, it said. Francis have seen himself less than upper Shepherd of his church because as a religious man who also calls on Jews and Muslims to pray for him. With this gesture of connecting religious "representation" before some God – like Islamic scholar Felix Körner at the Jesuit College in Rome says – Francis wants to remain on Saturday also in the Blue Mosque of Istanbul in silent contemplation and in respect for Islam. . Root facts can be read clicking this http://69421226b06b2499e9703ed6465e14b2.oursoundtracks.com.

Historic day in the Bundestag – 25 years ago: with this ten-point plan, Kohl headed to the reunification.

Teltschik, describes the day after Kohl’s appearance on 28 November Vice Chancellor’s Office Chief in his book then 329 days as follows: all of the German and international press reported this morning about the ten-point speech of Helmut Kohl’s. The response is overwhelming. We have reached our goal. The Chancellor has taken over the opinion leadership in the German question.    A lot is leaked from the CDU Presidium in the morning, where Kohl brushed the idea of a phased plan to German unity. This confidential party and group committees are so holes as a Swiss cheese, commented Teltschik in his book, which he published in August 1991. For the vast majority, Kohl’s speech is but completely surprising.   At the lectern in the Bundestag, Kohl get out: first of all: the Federal Government is there ready for immediate, concrete help, where help is needed now. Third, I offered, comprehensively to extend our assistance and our cooperation, when binding decided and irreversibly set in motion a fundamental change of the political and economic system in the GDR. Fourth, This cooperation will require increasingly common institutions.   . Main data can be read checking the following info.

OPEC and Japan data: Tokyo and Shanghai reported gains.

Good trading mood prevails at the end of the week in Japan and China. In Tokyo, the low price of oil ensures premium airlines. In Australia, losing the energy values. The decision of OPEC to the oil flow, as well as Japanese economic data were on Friday on the stock exchanges in Asia and Australia in the focus of interest. While it went upwards in Tokyo and Shanghai, the stock market in Australia 1.6 percent buckled. In Sydney, the tees at the values from the oil and energy sector pushed after OPEC had leave their output unchanged the day before. So the shares of Santos and Woodside dropped petroleum significantly and oil search and origin energy shares also were under increased selling pressure. In Tokyo, however, including the significant premiums for shares in the sector of the carriers of that take advantage of the prospect of a continued low oil prices supported. For shares in Japan Airlines it was 5.4 per cent upwards and ANA holdings rose by 7.9 percent. While a sustained low oil prices for some sectors is negative, but should the economy be affected parent positively, so analyst Yusuke Sakai by T & D asset management. Also in Tokyo were under selling pressure values from the oil processing sector, but not strained the Nikkei 225. He won 1.3 percent to 17-464 points. To significant 0.8 per cent was the Shanghai composite upwards. After a hesitant start of trading, the sentiment has once again recorded drive so a participant. The reasons for the positive trend are the same as in the days before: surprising lowering of key interest rates by the Federal Reserve and the hope that this was not the end of the flagpole. Values from the oil sector were under pressure even in Shanghai. Although oil prices have lost even further after the OPEC decision on ground, but some participants expecting a slight recovery in the short term. Oil prices could recover somewhat, as it has appeared, that the world economy seems to have found a bottom, said strategist Takahiro Sekido of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Also the reaction on the commodity markets because of a holiday in the United States could have fallen off something more volatile. . For more facts regarding this topic visit http://69421226b06b2499e9703ed6465e14b2.oursoundtracks.com.

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