Ukraine, Nato strengthens presence in the East. Moscow: “ready to respond”. EU to new sanctions.

The day after the failure of the Kiev offensive to retake the lands to the East, tension remains in Ukraine and Russia pointed the finger at Nato guilty of "exacerbate tensions", with plans to deploy troops in the eastern region of Europe. Moscow assures that "will act accordingly and will review its military strategy in case they were to get the green light to the so-called Rap (Readiness Action Plan, rapid border intervention plan) that rewrites the rules of the Atlantic Alliance’s response: a slimming cure command lines, with more exercises, more integration, more preparation of scenarios, more responsiveness, even those that Nato military call ‘ hybrid ‘ or ‘ wars wars to Putin made pure propaganda", political destabilization and the use of social media.   While Federica Mogherini, newly appointed Foreign Affairs Commissioner of the European Union, announces that the European ambassadors ‘ Committee is working on new penalties for the Kremlin, the diplomats seem determined to continue on the path of negotiation, and likely will continue on this road until the Nato summit to be held in Wales on September 4 and 5. In this sense, at least, should be interpreted along yesterday’s telephone conversation between the Russian Foreign Minister Serghiei Lavrov and Federica Mogherini.   "There is no military solution" to the crisis in Ukraine, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during a visit to New Zealand wanted to warn the West against the dangers of a military escalation. "A political dialogue for a political solution-added Un Secretary-is the safest route» to avoid a" chaotic and dangerous "situation from regional and global consequences «.»   But in Europe there are many, now, to consider the conflict between Moscow and Kiev as a real war. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted in a speech before the Bundestag: "it is now clear that we are not faced with a conflict within the Ukraine, but to a clash between Russia and the Ukraine," he said, recalling the preparation of ‘ substantial ‘ new sanctions by the EU. The sanctions announced that he would also align the mouth of Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott.   . You must click this to read more about this amazing topic.

Landfills, scourge of mega-cities such as Bangkok.

A fire at a landfill of six million tons of garbage in Bangkok, with toxic fumes, made aware of the bomb ticking that is the scourge of mega-cities in developing. It was long the inhabitants requested that is closed the Praeksa discharge, which empuantit their a distant industrial suburb district. In vain. But this gigantic fire, which has polluted the air of Eastern Bangkok for eight days in the spring, has raised an outline of national debate on the management of waste. Bangkok, sprawling megalopolis of 12 million inhabitants, produces 10. 000 tonnes of garbage per day, a significant part of the 27 million tons of annual waste generated in that country, inter alia by tens of millions of tourists. The military junta came to power in a coup in May announced as a priority management of garbage. The Thailand is not a unique case. From Jakarta to Manila, megacities of Southeast Asia are confronted with the management of their open dumps, with cities growing outside any urban planning. Experts warn against these dumps, bombs ticking for the environment and communities forced to live nearby. The open dumps offer a quick and easy solution in the short term, finds a study by the United Nations, cautioning against long-term health problems caused by the contamination of land and water. -Close the discharge? -On the 2. 500 landfills in Thailand, only one in five is properly handled, according to the Department of control of pollution of the Kingdom. The others are at the mercy of illegal discharge (including hazardous), fire and infiltration into groundwater. The great fire of spring to Praeksa was followed by several others since, which drew less attention. And a dozen fires are identified each month in landfills across the country. In the heart of the problem: failure to comply with the regulation, according to the Ecological Alert and Recovery Thailand (EARTH) NGO. According to her, 1.9 million tonnes of toxic waste leave the factories of the country each year without be counted, manufacturers preferring to pay bribes and illegally bury their waste. In Thailand, industrial growth extends to agricultural and residential areas. People who live with this problem do not have voice. And those who remain are the poorest, who cannot move, said Nicha Rakpanichmanee, Earth. For those who live near the outlet of Praeska, in the province of Samut Prakan, outskirts of Bangkok, the intensity of the fire did confirm the presence of flammable chemicals close to their homes, then the discharge is supposed to accommodate domestic wastes. I do not want that the discharge remains here. I want it to be closed, said Jad Pimsorn, waterfront of 85 years. I lived with it, but I do not want that my children and my grandchildren live here like me, she added. The landfill operator denies having authorized the illegal deposit of chemical products. But there were several companies that have managed before discharge me, explains Krompol Samutsakorn told AFP. -Lack of means – each household pays less than 50 cents euro per month for garbage collection costs. As a result, local authorities lack funds to invest in quality incinerators or recycling plants. The head of the junta, general Chan-O-Cha, is swept away in August against tipping, raising hopes of a planning, after years of short-term waste management, by Governments to short life in this Kingdom to the turbulent political history. While they launch a bag full of food rotting in glass bottles, and garbage collectors entrust that Thais should firstly change their habits in this country without a structured sorting. The amount of waste will increase,. We can help by picking up garbage but people cannot rely solely on us, said Wutthichai Namuangrak among them. . For extended about this subject visit home page.

German cities: where good work allows.

In the overall classification WINS Munich, which is one of the best in almost all areas. Thanks to the good quality of life and dynamic economy, Düsseldorf and Berlin 3 complete the top. The Bavarian capital has seen in recent years high-level anyway still respectable growth rates. The offer of jobs in Munich by a total of around nine percent has grown alone between 2010 and 2013. For workers the rapid growth disadvantage is however by the extraordinarily high cost of living. If you missed the connection at the high salary level, gets quickly felt the rising rental prices. Considerably cheaper, it lives in Berlin. But the capital has to offer far more than just affordable housing. The range of jobs has grown in Berlin between 2007 and 2013 per year on average by 2.5 percent. This puts it at the economic momentum clearly in the lead. Although you must live Berlin today with a high rate of unemployment and relatively low salaries, but the development shows great perspectives. For the booming Berlin startup scene is almost symbolically: according to the management consulting firm McKinsey, the capital will get have yet to feel its positive effects on the labour market in its entirety.   In addition to the Berlin economy in Leipzig has grown considerably in recent years and attracts many students and young professionals today thanks to the low cost of living. Here too, the negative aspects such as the low salary level can be largely offset by good career prospects. Also Hamburg could present a particularly positive development on the labour market in recent years. After deduction of essential expenditure, the Hanseatic League In addition throughout Germany have the most money to spend. So the wide cultural, leisure and recreational facilities of the city can be particularly enjoy, resulting in also a very positive assessment of quality of life. Place two overall goes to Düsseldorf, which boasts a thoroughly solid economic data. The capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia is not only Germany’s most important site for the mobile wireless industry. It offers its workers well above-average salaries and service value of analysis and consultancy company according to the highest quality of life among the major German cities. Especially flair and atmosphere as well as life and living in harmony hardly a city as well as in Düsseldorf.   . For more regarding this topic check

Raffarin (UMP) wants to double all social levels in companies.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, co-Chair of the UMP, suggested Tuesday to double social thresholds in enterprises. Interviewed by RTL on love by Manuel Valls told the company, the former Prime Minister saw a process of seduction. But this conversion is welcome and we look forward to this new speech, said Senator waiting however of acts. To change the thresholds: from 50 to 100, 100 to 200, we double the thresholds!, suggested Mr Raffarin. When you see the number of companies that have today 49 employees It costs nothing, assured the former head of Government to support d its application. There blockade of trade unions on this issue, the unions are quite conservative but the situation we are in today is that can no longer wait. Social thresholds set the legal obligations of companies (staff representatives, works councils,.). Go to 50 creates about 30, according to the Minister of labour. The CGT has already declared that it would only negotiate anything on this point. . For extra insights about this topic visit blog.

The new school rhythms to the start menu.

After two months of holidays, Briefcase on the back or bag strap, 6.8 million schoolchildren, 3.3 million college students and 2.16 million students found 840 000 teachers in public and private institutions. And will spotlight on new rhythms school, generalized, in the wake of frontier towns last year, all public schools and 10% of schools under contract. Reform establishes the return to a fifth morning of class, usually on Wednesday, and advocates of children access to cultural and sporting activities to the load of Commons, to reduce social inequalities. The cost of these "extracurricular" activities, currently partially supported by the State and the family allowance Fund, but also the difficulties of organization fuelled controversy, obscuring the lens first reform: more effective learning through a better distribution of school time. The reform of 2008, under the right, introducing four-day week for savings of posts and resulting in the deletion of two hours per week of class, had been "much more brutal and fast", she quipped. Peillon reform is spread over two years. The new Minister has also attempted to promote its other yards. The rhythms "are not the alpha and omega of this autumn", pleaded. Tuesday, she accompanies, College Louise-Michel de Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), François Holland, who chose to focus on priority education reform. This college, in the heart of the city of Paris suburb that was the birthplace of the 2005 riots, has indeed the new label REP + and therefore is on the list of the first settlements (102 colleges and schools in their area to this autumn) with additional means to reduce school failure in under-resourced settings. This year also sees the continuation of the creations of professorships, again trained teachers, the development of digital,. The reform of evaluation students and education equality girl-boy are part of re-entry sites, while the redesign of programs had been delayed and that the reform of the college and the balance of the high school reform are deferred. . You can read the following to discover more about this amazing subject.

Sport: cardiologist, Italy back light years on aid against dead on the field.

Barcelona, 1 set. (Reuters Health)-Maurice Muamba, Marc-Vivien Foé, Piermario Morosini. Three players hit from an arrest on the playing field, but only the first is still alive to tell her ‘ miracle ‘ thanks to the readiness of relief: 1.07 minutes from collapse to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, 2.21 from collapse on the turf at the first electrocution. Three stories remember today at Congress of the European society of Cardiology (Esc), being held in Barcelona. The drama of the Livorno player, died April 14, 2012 at the 31st minute of a match away against the Pescara, clearly shows that in Italy lacks culture on defibrillation. On this front we are still light-years behind, while we are leader in primary prevention by introducing ECG screening for competitive sports. This was stated by Domenico Corrado, Professor of cardiovascular diseases at the University of Padua, speaking to a session of the Catalan meeting dedicated to the sudden cardiac death in the sport. Often there are still in defibrillators, although the law has provided for them, Balduzzi stresses the expert talking to Italian journalists. According to a study in the Veneto and published in Jama ‘ after ‘ the green heart screening of athletes, deaths in the 90% plummeted: from 3.6 to 0.4 cases/100 000 inhabitants per year, against the 1.2 cases/100 000 per year register for example in Holland. If we had more resources, we could do even better and expand screening by echocardiography, or perhaps with the genetic diagnosis, says Conrad. But the first thing to do is educate, create culture. Starting from schools. (more). Related info can be read reading fact.

Need to give weapons to the Ukraine.

It is a war that takes place in Ukraine and after long refusing to define it as such, Western leaders had to go clear. The aggression by Vladimir Poutine and its now very clear desire for annexation of the East of the country, six months after that of the Crimea, brings Europe face its responsibilities. She plays its credibility as well as its eastern boundary. Sanctions strategy selected so far by the twenty-eight did not cede the Kremlin. Although the sanctions will still hardened, answering the call of the authorities of Kiev who demand "large-scale military aid" is increasingly urgent. Need to give weapons to the Ukraine to enable him to defend himself. The France, Britain, the Germany and the United States help the Kurds of Iraq against the jihadists, but hesitate to Kiev despite calls from the Poland, Baltic countries or the Romania. The Ukraine is a sovereign country with legitimate and democratic institutions. Less than four months after the overthrow of the corrupt of Viktor Yanukovich and pro-Russian regime by the revolt of Maidan, the new president Petro Porochenko was elected in may at the end of a vote recognized as indisputable by the international community. The vote could occur in 90% of the country, including in most of the East. Legislative elections are to be held on 26 October, and it is only the Russian forces aggression that is jeopardizing the democratic process. In law and in practice, nothing prevents the Westerners to the Ukrainian authorities weapons they need. Nothing otherwise, once more, the fear of the reactions of the Kremlin. Putin knows this and he plays, responding by the threat to the timid telephone admonitions of the outgoing president of the commission José Manuel Barroso: "If I want, we are in Kiev in fifteen days." A rant, a means of raising the stakes for future negotiations. But the strong man of the Kremlin seized by hubris – excessive – able rest of everything. . You can visit this to discover more about this great subject.

Ginefra marries Indian Affairs exhortation in Puglia, good for Marò.

The appeal to the lucky bride who have chosen the Puglia as the setting for their wedding, to extend a sincere and warm welcome. Apulia is a land of warm, hospitable and welcoming. But this, I guess, you already know. So much so that you decided to celebrate your union right here: between the sea, the sun, the sky and the olive trees in a region of great human warmth. From a country that in the eyes of us Italians still appears distant, mysterious and exotic, like India, have chosen to fly here, in Puglia. To lands to which we look at today as a fairytale lands, you have come here to seal your fairy tale. But like any self-respecting fairy tale, there are those who try to spoil the party. There are those who play the part of the jinx, the black raven croaking. Preachers of doom, who take your wedding as an excuse to mount a sterile controversy, useless and incomprehensible, stirring occasion for joy like yours with the case of the Italian military still imprisoned in your country. Fortunately, in order to defeat the power of these gloomy prophets do not have the "hero of the day. Just ignore them. It is in fact the characters in the crisis of visibility, which raised high and mournful cries in order to regain a minimum of leadership on the scene. Now if you take it with your wedding, now railed vehemently against Del Piero who just signed to play soccer in India. Characters, most importantly, forgetful and distracted, who evidently using have forgotten (or perhaps pretend to ignore) how many and what are the major Italian companies that have relations with your country entrepreneurial and economic. And then, let them in their place, these sad characters. To raise their lamentations in the lonely corner in which they indignantly withdrawn. Rather, I’d like it to open to reflection (serious and non-crude and simplifying) the relations between our two countries. I mentioned before: with India there are economic ties and business that can not be ignored. These links can and must become solid and structural. And I’d also (I say I apologize if I’m intruding on a private moment of your happiness) your own interest to get a release in the case of the two Italian soldiers, in virtue of the choice that brought you to share your happiness in the frame of Apulian land. You also become ambassadors of peace. Try to play, back in India, an active function to open a gap just where, to date, have failed our diplomacy. Let us ensure that your fairy tale has a really happy ending for all and for all. . Similar information can be found reading

Kiev reports fighting with Russian tank battalion.

The Ukrainian army has reported fighting with a Russian tank battalion at the airport the competitive East-Ukrainian city of Luhansk on Monday. According to Kiev, Ukrainian paratroopers in use, are against the Russian tanks to defend the airport, said a Ukrainian military spokesman on Facebook. Russia has started according to the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko with a "direct and open aggression" against his country. The events of the past days showed this. Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeri Geletej had the television station inter said on Sunday evening that Russian troops in Donetsk and Lugansk were. There were the recent allegations against Moscow, to be active directly militarily in the Ukraine. Moscow has so far rejected all the allegations, to have sent soldiers to fight on the side of the separatists in the Ukraine. However, 10 Russian paratroopers on Ukrainian territory had been detained in the past week according to Ukrainian. This Monday, Russia again denied a military intervention in the neighboring country. "It is To give no military intervention," said the Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow during a meeting with Russian students. Moscow in favour of "only a peaceful resolution of this serious crisis, this tragedy". He also warned against further Western economic sanctions against his country. Russia will do everything to protect its citizens and its economy from sanctions. Representatives of the Ukraine, Russia and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) take part in the meeting in Minsk according to the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Whether representatives of the pro-Russian separatists in be, is apparently Not yet. . For extended information regarding this matter read url.

Iraq: Army resumes Amerli to jihadis, new U.S. strikes.

The Iraqi army, supported by thousands of militiamen and U.S. air strikes, has broken the siege of the city Shiite Turkoman of Amerli, recording a rare victory in its fight against the jihadists of the Islamic State (AR). Soldiers, supported also by Kurdish fighters, have succeeded in entering the city located 160 km north of Baghdad, which was completely secure in the evening, according to a colonel. They managed to chase the jihadists from several villages they controlled around Amerli since June 18. It is a very important success, said AFP general Qassem Atta, spokesman for security services, stressing that fighting still occurred in some areas. Suleiman Bek and Yankaja, North of Amerli, fighting broke out between Kurds and militia on one side and the insurgents who take the two localities on the other, according to officials. Two Kurdish fighters and 12 militiamen were killed in the fighting, according to an official and a doctor. The U.S. Army has supported the ground offensive by new airstrikes near Amerli and Mosul Dam. During these strikes, a tank of the EIS was damaged near Amerli and an armed vehicle was destroyed near the Mosul Dam (North), announced on Sunday the Defense Department in Washington. The some 20. 000 residents of Amerli resisted for more than two months one of the longest since the start of the offensive Jihad in Iraq on 9 June. They were lacking water, food and medicines. Several Western countries have dropped humanitarian aid over the weekend. The United Nations feared a massacre in the event of fall of Amerli to the jihadists. The entry of Iraqi forces into the city is one of the rare successes against the jihadists after the rout of the army at the beginning of the offensive by the insurgents who have seized large sections of territory in a few days. To the South, in Ramadi, city fell from the beginning of the year at the hands of Sunni insurgents, a double suicide bombing against the security forces has made at least 13 people dead, according to police. -120 strikes – started on 8 August, the American air support, first military engagement of the United States in Iraq since the withdrawal of their troops end 2011, played a crucial role in the outlet to the IC on August 17 of the (North) Mosul Dam, the largest in the country, by the army and the Kurdish forces, who also received weapons from Washington. In total, 120 strikes were conducted by the United States since August 8. In this context, the Germany announced Sunday evening that it will make a first delivery of weapons – 30 anti-tank missiles and thousands of assault rifles – Kurds to help combat the EIS. The lower House of the German Parliament, the Bundestag, will devote Monday a special session on this subject, in the presence of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Accused by the UN of ethnic cleansing, the EIS, also committed in neighbouring Syria, multiplies the abuses in areas conquered in these two countries and pushing to the flight of hundreds of thousands of residents. The United Nations Human Rights Council will hold Monday a special meeting on the situation in Iraq in light of the abuses committed by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and associated groups. More than 1.6 million Iraqis have been displaced this year by violence, including 850. 000 during the month of August alone. -Drone shot down by Israel – on the other side of the border in Syria, the strategy of the United States regarding the IC could be clarified next week according the U.S. elect Dutch Ruppersberger, after president Barack Obama acknowledged Thursday do not yet have policy against the IC. The diplomacy Chief John Kerry, who is expected in the region after a NATO Summit on 4 and 5 September, stressed that Mr Obama would propose a plan of action at the United Nations in September. The conflict in Syria has become extremely complex with the arrival of foreign jihadists who have weakened the rebellion against the regime. On the plateau of the Golan, Syrian southern 44 peacekeepers Fijians are always retained, according to the UN. Front Al-Dhanub, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaida, had claimed responsibility for their abduction. Always on the Syrian front, the Israeli army announced have shot down by a surface-to-air missile a drone come to Syria and passed on the side of the Golan which it occupies, without specifying which operated the device. . For more insights about this matter click

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