New handball national coach: conversations with Vranjes.

A new handball national coach should, as soon as possible. Now, the casting is probably to completion. In about three weeks, performance sports Chief Bob Hanning his colleagues in the Bureau of the Deutscher handball Bund (DHB) will present the successor to Martin Heuberger. In addition to the universally estimated Vranjes 2014 led Serbia as interim coach for the European Championships in Denmark, the name is mentioned again dagur Sigurdsson. The coach of the foxes Berlin had already successfully managed Austria’s national team dual function. In the conversation, Markus Baur, who has reached the semifinal round with the German Juniors at the ongoing European Championships in Austria is also for a long time the ex-world champion. The first application for the new coach is already planned. In two friendly matches against Switzerland on September 20 in Göppingen and a day afterwards in Neu-Ulm he should on the bench sit and previously route by 15 September planned training programme with the national team. . Related text can be found visiting link.

EU consults on economic sanctions against Russia.

In the Ukraine crisis, the EU has blocked the accounts of individuals and denied entry. Companies and organizations on the blacklist as a hotel chain in Yalta and pro-Russian militias were later. Since the Summit and a half weeks ago, the EU prepared specifically stronger measures. Indirectly, also the personnel listings were certain economic sanctions. But now we go into the economic sphere, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the early morning of 17 July. Later on the same day, the alleged firing of flight MH17 followed with 298 dead. Shortly thereafter, the EU Foreign Ministers reaffirm tougher sanctions: Russian State-owned banks may place any more bonds. Arms deals be banned and also sales of machines or computers after Russia, which can be used militarily. Russian energy companies to get more no equipment for drilling in deep water or in the Arctic. Existing arms treaties such as France billion deal with Moscow to supply warships are not affected however. Over the weekend, the Commission has prepared the corresponding texts. Now the Member States on the train, says Commission spokesman Jonathan Todd and saying the ambassadors from the 28 Member States. Actually the heads of State and Government wanted to make an important and momentous decision itself, at a further Summit in Brussels. But EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy has asked the chiefs to consent, so it goes faster. Perhaps too, so some must not interrupt their holiday. So advise the Ambassador on the sanctions package this morning. If they agree, it could be from the day after tomorrow. . Additional data can be read reading

Can Karlsruhe put the banking union in danger?

But then, can the Karlsruhe Court take the risk of "censor" German participation in the Credit Union? Certainly, it can be seen that, since five years, the Court will not deprive to share his bad mood towards the evolution of the European Union, but so far, judges in red never "dared" block a European mechanism put in place. With a few adjustments, the Lisbon Treaty and the my could see the day. The issue of the UNWTO was sent to the Court of Justice of the EU. But in reality, we are witnessing a true ‘hardening’ of Karlsruhe towards Europe. Rest the bottom. Europolis based its complaint on two pillars. The first: the sole supervision of the ECB is not, according to the association, provided for in the treaties. They therefore see an abuse of authority, the powers of the ECB to be exceeded (Act "ultra vires" legal Latin). If it sees such an Act, as in the case of WTO, Karlsruhe could then ask the Luxembourg Court to rule on the legality of this measure and the need or not to draw up a European Treaty, since it is a pan-European issue. The ECJ will then estimate there is act ultra vires or not. If Yes, will need to go through a treaty, which is a very risky procedure. But this solution does not resolve everything. The question remains what to do once the resources of the Bank resolution Fund and my are exhausted. The national State will no doubt be knee and unable to put more on the table. That will make the other Member States? Whenever exists a unique supervision, any banking crisis concerns the whole of the eurozone. In theory, the pooling must continue. Except that no provision on this point, not so unthinkable if we refer to previous crises: it took 135 billion euros to cover the needs of the Spanish, Greek, Irish, and Cypriot banks and the balance of the sector is 34. 000 billion euros. No one knows how to react the Court of Karlsruhe, but what is certain, is that it has elements to act. The use is so serious and still weakens a little more baroque and wobbly Banking Union construction. . You should visit the following to learn extra about this great matter.

A man dies during violent storms.

North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Wuerttemberg were affected by violent thunderstorms. It rained heavily in Münster. There drowned a man in a flooded basement. In the city center, crashed a tree on a car and critically injured a woman. Cellar were full of water, fallen trees blocked the roads. Firefighters counted more than 1000 emergency calls in the night. 800 rescuers were spending hours in use. In the 36 000 inhabitants town Greven, firefighters registered more than 500 calls, mostly due to flooded cellar in the evening. The German weather service (DWD) estimated the rainfall in Greven and Ahaus in the evening after the evaluation of radar images to at least 60 litres per square metre for a period of six hours. Also, the Ruhr area was severely affected. More on the storms in North Rhine-Westphalia at wdr. de. It hit especially the districts of Tuttlingen and Rottweil in Baden-Württemberg. Basement full of water ran into Monday night. According to the police, the fire in many towns and cities in the continuous use was. Many roads were impassable by the water masses. . You should visit this web site to read more about this great topic.

Lens will play in Ligue 1 this season.

After days and days of procrastination and spills situation varied, RC Lens remains therefore in Ligue 1. The final decision was little doubt since the CNOSF had delivered a favourable opinion, Friday. Unsurprisingly, the Executive Committee of the French Federation has followed the Olympic Committee and the blood and gold are therefore definitively aligned among the elite for this fiscal year 2014-2015, which starts in less than two weeks. For the first, it will be on Saturday, August 9 in Nantes. Gervais Martel had warned Saturday at a press conference: there is not something to be euphoric, but largely optimistic. As recruitment and framed wages, the president also anticipated: the budget is guaranteed on the year, we will not spend one month in overdraft. And ask do not advance on TV rights. It is not impossible that Hafiz Mammadov reassess a gesture in January, before the winter market. The payroll to 13 million euros had been filed and I think they are going to keep it, the budget being positive. They of course are the decision makers of the Executive Committee of the FFF and the DNCG. Now, what about the lens strength? We have the names, they are not all barred. We will recruit four or five quality players and replace Alphonse Areola by someone who is at least of its quality. Our goal is the 10th place. Martel also ensured that Mammadov had not abandoned the club, far from it: he was quite adamant on the 10 million but still made a move. It was enough. I’ve always had confidence in him, I knew he was going to do something at the last moment. With bits of candle, Lens is in L1. Here’s hoping that the next episode of the soap opera is less dramatic, beginning with the management of the return of Antoine Kombouaré. . You should check the following to read extra on this great matter.

Crash of flight MH17 in Ukraine: the investigation reveals a decompression explosion.

After a first attempt Sunday, Dutch and Australian police team was once again forced to abandon Monday to visit the site of the crash of the MH17 in Eastern Ukraine, after "explosions" were heard nearby, announced the Ministry of security and Justice. "They have turned around and took the road back to Donetsk, assured AFP Sentina van der Meer, spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of security and Justice. Sunday, the Deputy Chief of the Australian Federal police, Andrew Colvin, had explained that the Australian police, unarmed, would single role to observe in detail the site, an important for the purposes of the investigation component and that could take five to seven days. They are not involved in securing the site. Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, also arrived Sunday in Kiev to meet with the Ukrainian Government and to discuss security on the site. The Boeing of Malaysia Airlines linking Amsterdam-Kuala-Lumpur with 298 people onboard was shot July 17, 10. 000 m altitude by a missile and a series of elements led the Western to point the finger the pro-Russian rebels and their protectors in the Kremlin and Kiev. . You can check this page to learn more about this amazing matter.

XV of France: Serge Blanco will support Philippe Saint-André.

Serge Blanco, vice president of the Fédération Française de rugby (FFR), will support Philippe Saint-André, manager of XV of France whose tour in Australia in June ended with three defeats. After exchanging with coaches (,.) Pierre (Calhoun, president of the FFR) and me decided that I much more involve with the selection. It will have for mission, with others, to accompany the France XV in all reflections, said Serge Blanco Monday in an interview with the Midi-Olympic performed with Pierre Camou. I’m here to support, with people we choose, the XV of France and his coaches (Saint-André, Yannick Bru and Patrice Lagisquet, Editor’s note). It is pointless to enter into polemics with the breeder who was attacked from across and which, it itches it perhaps, has wanted to meet,. And well, we’ll protect it. It is not telling the coaches, or to orders, said the former international (93 caps, 38 tests), ensuring that Saint-André was very happy to be helped and surrounded. The results are completely negative (defeats 50-23, 6-0-39-13 during the tour in Australia, Editor’s note) and it would be a deceit to mean the opposite. (. . . ) It is necessary to restructure everything, continued Blanco, who will more handle daily the Biarritz Olympique (ProD2), club which he remains Chairman of the Board of Directors. -’ Break the sense of solitude’ – Pierre Camou has justified this rapprochement by the desire to accompany humanly coach: it is not to recreate a selection Committee but rather to break the sense of solitude. In a too anglo-saxon concern to build on responsibility, on the professionalization, I went too far, because I forgot that it was in France. Perhaps I made this error. In this interview, the president of the FFR also settled its accounts with the manager RC Toulon, Bernard Laporte, who had announced late April in L’Equipe willingness to stand for the Presidency of the Federation in 2016 in order to turn selfish in place. More on attacking me, plus I have want to beat me, said Calhoun, who has not excluded from seeking a third term to continue the reform of the institution and all of the things that I have not managed to complete. As we know that I am not weapons like that, he added, judging the words of Laporte derogatory and vulgar towards federal elected officials and the FFR. Direct Federation (,.) it is firstly a willingness to gather each and the others and do not work in the exclusion and the little phrase, even when it hurts, sued Camou, recalling with irony that Laporte had taken the reins of the XV of France for 8 years (1999-2007) and that he should have the decency to shut up. . You should check this weblink to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.

Banking union referred to in a complaint before the German Supreme judges.

The German Constitutional Court, which has already had to pronounce on almost all the stages of the rescue of the euro, said Monday was seized by a group of German academics against the European banking union project. A constitutionality amparo filed Friday afternoon with the Court based in Karlsruhe (South), told AFP one of his spokesman, confirming information reported over the weekend by the newspaper Die Welt. Judges Karlsruhe, seized in recent years main measures of support for the euro area and which always eventually try them comply with the law, will consider this remedy and decide on the follow-up to, stressed the spokesman, without specifying how long the review would last. The German Government adopted recently by the Council of Ministers the texts which transpose into German law the banking union. The origin of this complaint are five teachers, with headed the German lawyer Markus Kerber, Chairman of the think tank Europolis, known for his vehement criticism of the euro and the European institutions. Banking union has no legal basis in the European treaties and represents a sprain to the basic law, the German Constitution says Europolis in a statement, which also denounces the lack of involvement of the Government and the German Parliament in the development of the project. Finally adopted in April by the European Parliament, the credit union must avoid taxpayers to pay for the banks in the event of another crisis. It provides supervision unique banks of the eurozone from November by the European Central Bank (ECB) as well as a mechanism to organize the bankruptcy ordered the institutes in difficulties. Since mid-2010, the Karlsruhe judges have validated all the stages of the rescue of the euro, often posing conditions, for example a droit de regard extended to the German Parliament. . For extended information on this topic read info.

Crash of flight of Air Algeria: black boxes on their way to the France.

The Air Algeria plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD – 83 rented from the Spanish company SwiftAir, had left Ouagadougou for Algiers on the night of 23 to 24 July. It crashed 50 minutes after takeoff. None of the 118 people aboard – 112 passengers (besides the 54 French, 23 of Burkina Faso, eight Lebanese, six Algerians and citizens of other countries) and six members, Spanish, crew – survived. Dispatched by Paris, 20 gendarmes and police officers as well as a team Office of investigations and analyses (BEA) french are since Saturday in the North of Mali. Investigations – consisting of "gather the maximum information" on the aircraft and the accident on the ground but also to collect various data, which will be then analyzed – could last "several weeks, or even several months ‘ according to Rémi Jouty, head of the BEA. According to him, it is "too early to make any assumption" on the cause of the accident, then several specialists spoke about the bad weather. . For more insights on this matter check

Damages to Yukos shareholders: Russia must pay $50 billion.

Russia is to a group of former shareholders of the shattered Russian oil group of Yukos a compensation of 50 billion US dollars (37.2 billion euros) to pay. The Permanent Court of arbitration in the Hague ruled that on Monday. Thus half of the amount demanded of them spoken to about the shareholders of the largest Russian oil company. Previously, the Russian business newspaper Kommersant had reported about the decision. On their website she reported, citing no named sources also, Russia will probably go into appeal. A group of former Yukos shareholders called for compensation $100 billion from the Government in Moscow, because they have lost much money according to own statements by the dissolution of the Group once controlled the Government critic Michail Chodorkowski. According to the applicant, it is measured by the sum of the discussion the largest arbitration in the history. The former majority shareholders accuse the Kremlin, deliberately and with the help of artificially inflated tax claims have shattered Yukos. From their point of view, this is tantamount to an expropriation. From Russian point of view, the Yukos managers have let serious economic guilty. . For additional insights on this matter click

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