Football: a sign Banks, Rome-Liverpool 1-0 in Boston.

(ANSAmed)-Rome, 24 JUL-The Roma begins with a victory the American tour. At Fenway Park in Boston, Rudi Garcia’s team won 1-0 to Liverpool with a goal at the end of developments of a corner. The decisive touch has been attributed to Marco Borriello, but at the end of the meeting admits to not being sure of the paternity of the network: there was a contrast in the game, I don’t know if I touched the ball or not. The important thing is that the Roma have won-stresses-striker. It’s a friendly, but feels already air of Champions League when they meet these teams. However, the giallorossi goal this year will be the Championship. Us favourites for the scudetto? I think the favoured Juventus remains because it is defending champion, but the Rome last year has proven to stand behind him-remember Banks-we have new grafts that can make a difference. We are among the candidates, the other will have to suffer. And between the grafts should be short even Davide Astori, pawn from Cagliari to complete the backlog as requested Garcia: we all know that we need a central defender anymore, because I have only three at the time and the season will be long and with many games. S working on this and we need to find the right man to be even stronger this season, concluded the French technician-let’s see, there’s no hurry to find this central defender, if there is an exciting opportunity to take. . Inspirational source could be found checking this

The Government’s Blitz. Meriam is in Italy.

The nightmare ends for Meriam: the young age of 26 sudanese Christian sentenced to death, the eighth month of pregnancy, for apostasy, is free and it arrived this morning in Rome. The woman, with her husband and two sons–including Maya born two months ago in a storeroom-came to Ciampino airport with a flight of Italian State, where Matteo Renzi was waiting with his wife Agnes and Federica Mogherini Foreign Minister: today is a day of celebration, said the premier stressing the overtime of Lapo Pistelli Deputy Foreign Minister in the affair. Meet Francis in Vatican Meriam Crown her dream and will see the Pope. I had promised him when there are met. Thanks to lapopistelli and @matteorenzi, explained the President of the NGO Italians for Darfur announced on Twitter that the Christian woman arrived today in Rome see Pope Francesco in the Vatican. After the death sentence and 100 lashes for adultery (for marrying a Christian) imposed last may, the young man had been arrested and put in jail along with the little son of 20 months with a shock that had aroused the horror and the mobilization of the whole world by clicking many international initiatives for his release. A dossier, to Meriam, on which the first moment has also mobilized the Italian Government with the premier that he mentioned the case of sudanese girl even in her opening speech of the Eu Presidency. In the first hearing, which had been imposed the death sentence, the judge had turned to the defendant calling it with the Arabic name, Al-Hadi Mohammed Adraf Abdullah, urging him to convert back to Islam. I am a Christian and I have committed apostasy, was the woman who cost him the death sentence and the imprisonment. Just a few weeks after Meriam, in cell, gave birth to a daughter in harsh conditions: gave birth in chains, had explained her husband, who is also an American citizen, advancing concerns of possible consequences for the health of the child. On 23 June the sudanese Tribunal decided the woman’s Liberation. But it was halted again the next day with her husband and their lawyer while he was at the airport-while with children trying to leave the country with United States-target for an inspection of documents. Released for the second time, with his family, then a refugee in the u.s. Embassy in Khartoum, where he received a passport that allowed him to leave the country now live as the first stop in Italy, where it will remain for a couple of days before reaching New York. . You can click this url to discover more on this amazing subject.

Parliament, comes the roof only 240 thousand euros to net salaries employees.

Arrive in Parliament salary ceilings for employees. The bureaux of Deputies and the Senate, meeting together, have set a maximum salary for Councilors, Parliamentarians in only 240 thousand euros per year net of social security contribution (the 8.8% of pay). Roof only 240 thousand (net) the roof, all-encompassing payroll entries, as expected from Dl Irpef. And not be worth it, but only for the advisors, i.e. for most paid roles, but for everyone. The decision taken by the two Governments in the joint way was to transpose the principles of the Government Decree according to which no public manager should have a higher salary of the President of the Republic (only 240 thousand euro, gross of tax). With a difference: for employees of Parliament, are excluded from social security charges equal to 8.8%. The roof will be lower for other categories, in order to preserve the existing wage relations between various professionalism». Open function stays open bonus theme the theme of allowances, additional function to the roof, to the top management figures (General Secretary, his Deputy and the heads of service). Have not yet been determined, but may not be higher than 25% of the salary limit set and will not be pensionable. Do not know yet what will be the savings determined by maneuver that incorporates the principles of income tax in dl parliamentary institutions; you are talking about tens of millions, even if it is decided not to lay down certain digits ‘ departure for a major confrontation with the unions. " "It would have been strange, says Saidi-that the legislature does not adapt its administration to the rest of the public administration". Likely to travel for those clipped roof is likely now a "fast" to retirement by those in Parliament over the roof. In the House are four Windows per year to retire, while in the Senate there are only two, in addition to Palazzo Madama subject to quotas. The threshold of only 240 thousand euros plus salary charges to the Room above in different: If a Senior Adviser (with 40 years of service) will receive 358mila euros per year, with 25 years of service to a counselor for breaking your limit today. From contentious decision applause employees odiernma was greeted by a long and contentious, with correct applause ‘ Good, Good, Bis!» and «thank you!» of numerous employees of Montecitorio, which they hailed as the release of members of the Bureau of the Chamber at the end of the meeting that gave the ok to guidelines to begin bargaining on wage roof application. The dispute was more vibrant for the Vice President Marina Sereni, who on the staff delegation («Beautiful masterpiece, thanks! ", she screamed in the hallway of the busts by dozens of workers); but the applause that banter are also touched by the Quaestors and the Five Star Luigi Di Maio and Richard Fernandes. A dispute ever seen in the usually extremely silent and muffled corridors of Montecitorio, which had never witnessed an employee initiative so massive, that oppose hard cuts and complain because they have not been admitted to the Bureau. . You can click the following article to read more about this amazing topic.

A “sincere apology” after a new food scandal in China.

A new food scandal shakes China. It is this time the Chinese subsidiary of an American food group, OSI, which is questioned by the Chinese authorities to have manufactured in its plant in Shanghai for the nuggets of chicken and beef from rotting meat dumplings, and even mini-steak with moldy meat. The disputed plant was closed by authorities Sunday. Five people working in the factory of Shanghai were arrested, among them are officials of the plant including the person in charge of quality control. Wednesday, the CEO of OSI introduced its "sincere apologies" to Chinese consumers for the scandal brought to light by the authorities. He was "personally committed" to what one such incident "never happens". "OSI provides healthy food and quality for over 100 years, and it currently operates according to the highest standards in 17 countries to serve more than 40 countries in the world. What happens in this Shanghai factory violates the fundamental principles of our business and our values", he defended himself. Moreover, he said that the Chinese local authorities have inspected all their other sites without finding any problems. . Additional data can be read checking

Fabius: The Jews in France should not be afraid.

Jews in France should not be afraid, said Thursday the head of French diplomacy, Laurent Fabius, reaffirming the absolute firmness of the French authorities with regard to anti-Semitism. Jews in France should not be afraid. However, many of them are afraid because of a series of manifestations of anti-Semitism, Mr. Fabius told France inter radio. In the face of these acts, it have absolute firmness. This firmness must be in the words of one and other, but also in acts of justice, because anti-Semitism is not an opinion, it is an offence and this crime must be condemned, he said. Anti-Semitism should not have freedom of the city in France, he added. Several anti-Semitic acts were interspersed with propalestiniennes events these days in Paris and in the Paris suburbs. Since the beginning of the second Intafada in 2000, each jolt of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict translates to France by a multiplication of anti-Semitic acts and the excesses of the propalestiniennes peaceful demonstrations by young people from the Maghreb immigration. Speakers also of extreme left militants whose opposition to the policy of Israel sometimes turns to the anti-Semitic credo. The France has the largest Muslim (between 3.5 million and 5 million people) and Jewish communities (500 000) in Europe. . For additional facts about this matter visit page.

Coke, heroin, Crystal Meth – so you’ve never seen drugs.

Powder or pellets, packed in bags or cans act as drugs relatively sober. In this form they reflect in any way, as the chemicals in the human body work and alter our perceptions.    For example, the effect of a lucky shot is said to the synthetic substance of Crystal Meth, across increasingly consuming people in Germany through all layers of society. That is reflected in Schönfelds recording: the bright colors look like from a syringe into crystals injected and on the surface are spread irregularly and confused. That this substance guaranteed more fun and performance, it is believed the figure immediately. Also, that Crystal Meth is strongly dependent on, is somehow out of the holder to interpret – but only after the second or third viewing.   There is still another reason why Schönfeld so intensively dealt with the character of stimulating substances. Her father was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 19 years. The 35-year-old has seen him always only under the influence of drugs – until today. Where Schönfeld has taken the substances for their project, the artist leaves. Their extraordinary shots by drugs and neurotransmitters released the Berlin artist in a book and shows them in various exhibitions. . Additional info can be read clicking weblink.

Scientology: investigating moral harassment and abuse of weakness.

The complaint seeks the spiritual association of the Church of Scientology (Celebrity centre), several trainers as well as the CEO of the company. The investigation was entrusted to the assistance and intervention in matters of cultic aberrations, cell which depends on the central office for repression of violence to people. "Trainers Scientologists infiltrated society for the sole purpose of the plunder financially, for their benefit staff and Scientology", explained to AFP Me Olivier Morice employees lawyer. In total, between 1 and 2 million euros so reportedly hijacked, according to him. "Psychological subjection", "denigration of the sales team" compared to "spoiled children" or of "pissing girls in heat’,. "Destabilized and constantly under pressure, employees must cooperate or are permanently excluded from the company ‘, consider employees in the complaint. Among the exercises imposed, employees should follow a "routine training" Base: "the listener should sit face to face with another person (in this case another student) (,.). "and no longer move (,.) for a period of two hours. In the complaint, an employee testified that employees have had to read "Alice in the Wonderland", "choose some phrases, saying as if it came" from them and then repeat: ‘fish swim and birds fly’,. "These exercises were imposed not not so that the employees work better but for the purpose of enslaving them and make them", the lawyer added. For employees, it is the sudden death in 2000 of one of his children who would have led the CEO of the company "to turn to Scientology. As of 2008, the boss would reorganized his company benefiting from the advice of trainers they owned Scientology. The Prosecutor’s office and the Church of Scientology were not contactable in the immediate future. The Court of cassation confirmed in October 2013 sentencing of two Parisian structures of Scientology, the Celebrity Centre and its salt library fines from respectively 200 000 and 400 000 euros, for "scam in organized gang. Ranked sects in France by several parliamentary reports, the Church of Scientology is considered a religion in the United States and some European countries, such as the Spain, Italy, Holland or the Sweden. Founded by the American writer of Science Fiction Ron Hubbard, it claims 12 million followers in the world and 45,000 in France. . You must check the following to discover extra regarding this amazing subject.

Formentera: Their island.

Then he stands up and shows his garden. A pink Candidum is in full glory, in addition to a trellis on the unripe grapes hang. An apricot tree is overloaded with gelbroten fruit. Soon, Costa wants to make jam. The paradise of Formentera, which he says is unspectacular. There is also no airport. Every year people on the island are approximately 800 000. Most take the ferry from Ibiza, the journey takes only half an hour. The ship is Formentera’s only link to the outside world in the summer makes it 44 times a day on and off. Others come up with your own boat, moored in one of the bays, rent an apartment or descend into one of 47 hotels. Who has most unspoilt Formentera more than 30 beaches. Wooden walkways lead through protected dune landscapes, beach grass, beach snail clover, orchids or Juniper grow. The small island of 80 square meters is touted as Europe’s Caribbean or as the last paradise in the Mediterranean Sea. On the following morning Miquel Costa takes me on the sea. His small motor boat situated in es Caló, a natural harbour on the East Coast. After a short exercise with Getucker and murmuring in the minzfarbenen coastal waters, we sizzle to the cliffs, towering more than 100 meters from the sea. Miquel wanted to show me the cliffs of la Mola, they are dangerous and schicksalsträchtig for him. During the short drive, the sea is emerald green, then Ultramarine, later Midnight blue. As we slow already, about us, call and screeching gulls and Shearwater. We hear how hit the waves on the rocks. . For extra insights about this subject read

Ukraine: Moscow denounced the biased attitude of Brussels.

During his meeting Wednesday with the Ambassador of the European Union in Moscow Vygaudas Usackas, the Russian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Grigori Karassine drew the attention of the latter on the findings biased and politicized by the EU concerning the Russia, said a Russian diplomacy statement posted on its website.    During maintenance, the interlocutors discussed different aspects of the crisis in Ukraine and the problems related to the investigation into the causes of the disaster of the Malaysian airliner in the vicinity of Donetsk. Vygaudas Usackas also said ‘conclusions’ adopted at the Council of Foreign Affairs of the EU on the situation in Ukraine, reads the press release.     According to the document, the Russian side strongly condemned ‘conclusions’ biased and politicized the EU against the Russia Federation.  The Deputy Minister stressed that the Russia was pronounced for a fair and transparent international investigation on the causes of the crash of the Malaysian aircraft, including entrust them to ICAO the lead role in the decoding of the black boxes.  Moscow also drew the attention of the European part on the fact that seek to introduce – as Ukrainian president Piotr Poroshenko – representatives of the southeast of the Ukraine "international terrorists" is counterproductive.  Such a vision undermines all efforts to bring the two parties involved in the Ukrainian conflict to engage in a constructive dialogue focusing on the settlement of the crisis in that country, said the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. . For additional insights about this matter check fact.

Secret against free network of South at dawn – is Oberprex: it was always said that we are the neo-Nazi village.

The House with the number 47 in the small village of Oberprex doesn’t fit in the village Idyll and blooming fields, barns, water protection area. It is secured like a fortress: surveillance cameras around the building, bars on the Windows on the first floor. Lowered the blinds on the ground floor of the square stem.  "No access – private" is the sign on the front door. Another warns: "Caution, this building is under video surveillance."  Early Wednesday morning, many police cars are in front of the House with the long, reaching almost to the ground pitched roof. "I thought, there a Nazi event is held again and that’s why the large contingent of police in our place", says a local resident. Later he overhears, that Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) the neo-Nazi network "Free network South" (FNS) has banned. Its head office was located according to the protectors of the Constitution in the House in Upper Franconia.   . For additional on this topic visit

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