Rome: Valentina With parents, we want to know why she died.

Rome, September 16. -(Adnkronos)-” The audience with the gip has slipped to September 30 for lawyers ‘ request of doctors that treated the most. We want the investigation to be reopened and know why our daughter is dead ‘ ‘. Noni said Francesca, Valentina’s mother Col, died a year ago in 17 years, after five days of admission to hospital of Orbetello for pulmonary embolism. The gip di Grosseto will have to decide on the request submitted by the Prosecutor storage as part of the investigation into the death of 17-year-old. The money collected at his funeral, 20,000 euros, helped reopen the gym Ferdinand Agnini, where she trained. I see Valentina in each of girls playing volleyball. Life goes on, especially for her, explained her mother. Valentina’s father, Maximilian Col, during the inauguration said: Here we will play to remember, Valentina. I don’t know where you’ve gone, but I know where you’ve been. .

+++ Germany ticker +++-accident: 5000 litres of blood plasma end up in the ditch.

20 17: 00: ramp – in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania increasingly fake 50-euro bills show up since early September. Affected the regions of Rostock and surroundings as well as Schwerin and Wismar, are primarily the Landeskriminalamt (LKA) announced on Tuesday at its headquarters in ramp at Schwerin. In the last week alone more than 25 fakes were set safely: flower shops, bakeries, pastry shops, pharmacies and supermarkets. The forgeries carry the same note number S20175422632 accordingly.   The Police appealed to customers and business people, especially carefully to look at 50-euro bills. In the security features, there are several easily recognizable differences between the original and forgery. So the value watermark appear not so significantly brightened as the original. The imitation of the security thread was paler than in a genuine note. The great value of number 50 on the back right below show flipping the Bill no color change from purple to olive green. 18 44 pm: Saarbrücken – the bodies of a man and a woman have been found in Saarland, Germany. The dead were already in the House in Bous, Germany (district of Saarlouis), a police spokesman at corresponding Tuesday media reports confirmed. It therefore involves an elderly couple. The police go after initial investigation of a natural death, the spokesman said. According to the reports, the starved dog of the couple had alerted the neighbours. The bodies were possibly already for weeks unnoticed in the House.   The exercise for the DHB selection, which is Heilbronn arrived in the internationals against Switzerland on Saturday in Göppingen and Sunday in Neu-Ulm, unprepared. "Fire alarm at the team hotel of the national team during the lunch break", tweeted after nominated back room player Sven-Sören Christophersen, "was fortunately a false alarm!".

Parma, slap a Grillo: Alliance Pd-M5S to the province.

Wait for the deadline for the submission of lists (Fri) to make the initiative, scheduled next Friday, but the agreement has been reached between the major directors of the reality of Parma, Parma Mayor in the first place.   In recent days, before the indication of Beppe Grillo not to participate in the activities of the future province, had been right to indicate the Pizzarotti Federico road of institutional list only. The proposal was initially rejected by the Democratic Party that, in the face of an internal rift, however, would eventually accepted together with other political realities of the region. Do not rule out, however, that a group of dissident directors of Pd may present an alternative list, in controversy with this decision.   In the light of the weighting of votes (which sees the Democratic Party took the lead on the Government despite the M5S Municipality capital) the agreement provides for the presence of the Mayor of Parma Pizzarotti Federico as a mere Adviser. For the Office of President of the province are vying the mayors Pd Fidenza Andrea Massari and Salsomaggiore Philip Fritelli.   Beppe Grillo, from his blog, had given a categorical: «the M5S will continue not to submit their nominations in a political body which advocates the suppression. Do not sell and we do not flatter from the perspective of gaining seats, or even from any victories in some provincial elections. "   .

The school of life, roadmap of a future Minister of Education?

Kindergarten must above all be a school of language, the essential tool for communicating with others and with oneself. It must be beautiful to the Montessori pedagogy, based on the experience and the game. And must provide first education to values such as empathy, the ability to pay attention to the other. It is also during these early years that the difficulties of children must be identified before they encyst.   Elementary school, should be used as effective and proven learning methods. A matter of good sense. The mechanisms of acquisition of reading and writing are now controlled by the neurosciences, and they must be taught in teacher training schools. Jean-Michel Blanquer approves the idea that students must all have a minimum of knowledge and skills, the famous common core, in terms of which should be national assessments, abandoned in 2012, laments. Because they could identify those who deviate too much of the expected results. To better help them, and not to stigmatize. It comes always to counteract school failure that makes the excluded from the system.   .

Election in Brandenburg: no, policy is totally antisocial.

On the station forecourt in the Brandenburg Hennigsdorf, the inhabitants celebrate a Festival. There are sausage and red lentils, music students sing pop songs, the Belly Dance Club brings some Orient in the Brandenburg. Ngoc, a Vietnamese German student stands on the edge. Just, she interviewed the Minister of Justice of Brandenburg on camera. Now she wants to convince some young people voting on Sunday. They grabs a stack of flyers and is heading for a group of guys. Are you choose on Sunday? And how is policy actually? -No, policy is but totally anti-social, recalls a boy with baseball cap. In Brandenburg, the 16 – and 17-year old with over the future Government may decide on Sunday for the first time in a State. 2011, the policy lowered the voting age. Also, to signal the young people: we take you seriously. Who should choose contributes even more. That was the hope. It is also an offensive against the supposed apathy of youth. However, the right to vote is not so important the youth themselves. 61 percent of 15-to 17-year old in Brandenburg declined the Brewhead of voting age. Them To want more participation, but according to the sinus youth study, some fear they are Not good enough informed to make a decision. In addition, that they rarely identify with a party, the mostly older politicians in her constituency do not know and do not know what they stand for. And is not taught in school often, why participation is so important. So, the election clock especially under which must afford persuasion whose Eltern discuss the news away from the breakfast table. It’s not easy. Hennigsdorf trying Ngoc pöbelnden boy to explain that no policy is in itself bad: maybe this by the fact that media convey a negative image of politicians, impression, she says. -Oh, I have but the boy replies no idea of democracy. Ngoc can not be deterred, he should go vote anyway because this country saw other regime. When the boy is moved, Ngoc says: I think that he will think about it. Just young people will not take part in the election, which have less chances of good education. You have policy never met something, that had to do with them or their families. Because her parents already feel not perceived by politicians. Although the disenchantment among young people in Brandenburg has fallen since 1990, politics in comparison to other topics is unimportant. Younger but have a pronounced awareness of social inequality, political institutions but they can start with not A lot. For many, politics remains a Black Box. Usually they learn, how they could make a difference in their own world, in the school. .

The demonstration for all means weigh in the perspective of 2017.

Ready for October 5? Within one month of their national demonstration in Paris and Bordeaux, the organizers of the demonstration for all take their second summer, this weekend, in Palavas-les-Flots University, in the Herault. "Our effectiveness must be also perfect that it is humanly possible, both on the bottom form, wrote NEX la Rochère, President, his troops. ” However we need to be organizing, co-ordinator, logistician, negotiator, manager,. as we need to understand the issues, know the topics, discuss and argue. ""Genre, PMA, GPA, the change of civilization, it is always now!"Announces program. Workshops and forums to follow, driven by stakeholders such as the Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet jurist, historian Jean-Marie Salamito, or the sexologist Thérèse Hargot-Jacob. The American Brian Brown, president of the International Organisation for Marriage, will come to share his "fight against the redefinition of marriage. Between 300 and 350 participants are expected for these two days of training. "We will also talk about feminism, ecology, filiation, said akin Rochère.". We all need, organizers and sympathizers, update us in preparation for this new year of mobilization. In addition, many volunteers have joined the movement. "The French think that «the Taubira law is passed and (that) can’t do anything? ” "This is wrong! exclaims la Rochère akin. Repeal laws, it happens and it has nothing extraordinary. "" If the demonstration for all continues its momentum, she continues, because it is clear that the Government has waived any of his societal projects: PMA and fam are growing and the question of ideology of the genus extends into schools. ". "Not to mention measures that deconstructed the family policy.

+++ Ukraine-Newsticker+++: artillery fire at the airport in Donetsk.

The Ukrainian military has the airport under control, while the city itself in the hands of pro Russian separatists. The Ukrainian army had been already according to own statements on Friday night in the area around the airport under attack from rebels. The latest development made the ceasefire so brittle as hardly any before in the past few days. The Government in Kiev sees NATO in the conflict with Russia as the only guarantee for the security of Ukraine. In this situation, only NATO can protect us, Prime Minister, Arseni Jazenjuk told a Conference in the Ukrainian capital. He understand, however, that the Alliance was not ready at the moment to take on the Ukraine. Yatsenyuk described Russia as a threat to the global order and the security of Europe. The Ukrainian army has repelled an attack of pro-Russian separatists at the Donetsk airport according to own. Many rebels backed by six tanks had launched an attack on the airport on Friday, had been repelled by the soldiers, the Ukrainian armed forces on Saturday communicated. Therefore, the attack occurred on Friday night against 19 30 pm local time (18 30 hrs CEST). .

VIDEO. Spectacular crash at the first grand prix of electric formula.

If the Brazilian driver Lucas di Grassi won Saturday in Beijing the first e-prize of electrical formula in the Olympic Park of the capital Chinese, is the spectacular collision between the French Nicolas Prost and the German Nick Heidfeld, which should remain in the annals. While this race with these fast cars stuffed full of electrons may exceed 220 km/h in town was largely dominated by Nicolas Prost, the son of the quadruple champion of the world of formula 1 has been hit just before the last turn by Nick Heifeld. The German car then literally flew before finishing his run in the safety barriers. By chance, after several barrels, the driver got out of the car without apparent injury. In the meantime, this Championship of formula E who will travel in other metropolises worldwide, Putrajaya (Malaysia) in Berlin and London, passing through the South America (Punta del Este, Buenos Aires), North America (Long Beach, Miami) and Monaco has kept all its promises. Many residents of Beijing, who never attended sporting events, were likely to be massaging along the circuit. "It’s a real circuit in town, a little American-style, with lots of corners at 90 degrees, quite a lot of chicanes, but it is very suitable for these cars and I think the show is really nice to see", said Nicolas Prost by adding: "driving, means much air noise in the wings, is a small noise of aircraft"., but what is interesting is that we also hear other noises, means more brakes, the tires, the box. » .

Remove the Ukraine is the goal of Putin despite the truce in the East.

The purpose of Vladimir Poutine is to eliminate the Ukraine as an independent State, has accused Saturday the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseni Yatsenyuk, calling the United States and the European Union to act as guarantors of the peace plan in Ukraine. The ultimate goal of Vladimir Poutine is not only (separatists in Eastern) regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, he wants to take the whole Ukraine, and eliminate it as an independent State, said M. Iatseniouk at an annual international conference devoted to the strategic pro-European of the Ukraine. It cannot accept the idea that the Ukraine is part of the European family, he wants to restore the Soviet Union, he added while Kiev will ratify Tuesday the historic agreement of association with the EU, embodying its remoteness from the Russian fold. According to him, the next step would be the creation of a corridor linking the Russian border to the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea annexed by Russia in March and going through several regions in the South of the Ukraine. He stressed that it was premature to speak of a regulation eight days after the entry into force of a ceasefire sealed by Kiev and pro-Russian separatists with the participation to the Russia and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE). A bilateral (of peace) agreement with the Russia is not the best (idea). I am for the so-called format of Geneva with the United States, the EU and the Russia, we are not strong enough to conduct bilateral negotiations with the Russia, he said, eight days after the entry into force of a truce concluded in Minsk between Kiev and the separatists with the participation to the Russia and the OSCE. The Ukraine and the West accuse Russia of arming the insurgents pro-Russian and have sent regular troops in the East of the Ukraine that Moscow denies. The idea of the ceasefire concluded in Minsk is to stop the killing in the five-month conflict which has made more than 2. 700 dead, said the Prime Minister. I would be happy that the peace settles in my peace but the question is at what price, he said. We will fight for our country and our independence, he concluded. .

FOCUS 38/2014 – Manfred Weber (CSU): Oettinger is the key figure in the European Commission – Moscovici must make clear commitments.

Munich. The Chairman of the conservative EPP Group in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber (CSU), sees the German EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger (CDU) as one of the key figures in the new European Commission. "The German Commissioner Günther Oettinger Gets an important future issue, in which he will – adapt to the new requirements of the Internet among other things the copyright law and ensuring that European companies against US Internet giants such as Google at all still have a chance with the responsibility for the digital economy," Weber said in an interview with the news magazine FOCUS. Oettinger can now get a Department that was cut to him, "with new powers from other resorts, which are now bundled with him. Thus, he can start on this key issue for the future of Europe and put his stamp on him. "The future economic and Monetary Affairs Pierre Moscovici Weber demanded, to commit themselves to the consolidation of the public budgets in the upcoming hearings of Commissioner candidates in Parliament."Moscovici must make clear commitments, that there is no political discounts – also for Italy not. We can force no longer small EU States to harsh reforms and approve to your own game rules the great. We must At last stop with the debts in Europe. "Is the economic and monetary Commissioner to make the former French Finance Minister Moscovici,"a delicate choice. There are many critical questions for him in the EPP Group. In France, there is unfortunately long-standing refusal to reform. Paris got delay by the EU again, happens to get its fiscal house in order – is too little", so Weber to FOCUS. .

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