Horror clowns – Gruseligstes Halloween of ever.

It’s against 21 30, Stephan M. (51) will be addressed on Tuesday evening on his way home near the train station in Huttrop (Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia) by a young man. The clown bad habit, which was triggered by U.S. horror films such as "Stitch" is spreading since mid-October in Europe. Several horror-clown attacks were reported in Belgium and of Switzerland. In France, the phenomenon has already sparked a mass psychosis. The YouTube videos of the group "DM pranks have been viewed around 31 million times. In it, the evil clowns show their terror attacks: running with howling on circular saws behind people, scaring passers-by where they flogging before their eyes in dimly lit underpasses on dolls with huge hammers the proposal. Meanwhile there were already several cases of violence was applied in those of evil clowns: so a court in the southern France Montpellier sentenced an 18-year old fast-tracked on Monday evening to a year in prison. . For more insights on this matter visit http://ba1fa4b8182a647286518f9925f.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Route du Rhum: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the big man and the sea.

The eye is bright, the flexible approach and humor skin-deep: 75 years, the British Robin Knox-Johnston, Dean of the 91 competitors of the Route du Rhum 2014, loves navigate the old and make the point every night with a little whiskey. Thirty-two years after a first participation to the Queen of the lounges with the catamaran Sea Falcon, for a 14th Honourable place, Sir Robin (he was knighted in 1995) delivers it and will be Sunday at the start of the 10th edition of rum at the helm of Grey Power, a 18.28 m put Imoca monohull in the water in 1997. The Finot-Conq plan is, in the same opinion of his skipper, unable to compete with the latest Imoca, like those of Jérémie Beyou (master Rooster), François Gabart (Macif) or Vincent Riou (PRB). Mind, Grey Power is listed in the rum class, which includes historic boats. A symbol! Knox-Johnston is a living legend of the sail. The first browser to have curly, in 1969, in the Golden Globe Challenge, a round the world single-handed, non-stop and the race. He is also the only British sailor to have won three times the Yachtsman of the year title. -A free month on the agenda – why I go back to the Route du Rhum? It’s very simple, replied Sir Robin. I competed in the Sydney-Hobart race in crew, late last year. I liked a lot. Returned to England, I looked at my calendar and saw that I had nothing scheduled in November 2014. I phoned (the Director of Pen Duick, organiser of the race) Pierre Bojic and asked him to enroll in class rum. I told myself that it would be fun to get back on the circuit and try to get a good result, he continues. I wanted to play a beautiful ocean race and (rum) is one. One of the best, actually. Grey Power is a good boat, he says. And not so difficult to maneuver. It’s a big sailboat but I arrive there. I probably don’t do things as quickly as young people, then it is necessary that I anticipate more. -A whiskey every night – I have no problem with maneuvers but I am with all navigation systems, sighs he climbed his large carcass of the chart table, cluttered electronics. There are too many and they are too complex: it is a nightmare,. Will you take a sextant to replace? No, he replies. There is no sextant on board. And besides, I did not need, I can browse with the Sun,. And appreciate, every evening, a small glass of whisky quietly reflecting on the best tactical option for the next day. A gentleman, you are told. The British skipper acknowledges, however, Miss a bit of training: too busy with activities of the Clipper Round the World Race Organizer. Not too worried about so much and admire the romantic approach of the French towards the sea, and the race solo in particular. According to him, everything began with the victory of Tabarly in the 2nd edition of the English Transat in June 1964. Today, the France has a quantity of good sailors, with big budgets. They dominate races in solitaire. French media provide a beautiful cover of the sail and the skippers are popular, known to the general public. Suddenly, there are advertising and it’s good for the sponsors. There is no such thing in England,, Related info can be inspected visiting reference.

On Ast the commitment Radinović, strike Fiom.

«We will do and we will take decisions resulting from verifications»: in the wake of the procession of workers of Ast (Acciai speciali Terni), Matteo Renzi premier yesterday morning convened at Palazzo Chigi representatives of blue suits to explain that the Government resolve the dispute represents a "moral imperative" and confirm that I don’t want to do without the corporate syndicate on negotiations. " But at the same time the President of the Council addressed an invitation to the parties for "separate the dispute from political confrontation," urging "a serious confrontation on the merits" and throwing a warning: "do not I will allow to exploit Terni», because the priority is" to close the affair. " Shortly before the leader of Cgil, Susanna Camusso, had summoned the Chairman of the Board: «should try to lower the batons of public order, "he said, prodding the Government instead of do ping pong between the parties to hear directly the German Executive on the future of the iron and steel production" and complaining that "it seeks dialogue with the Trade Union only deals with corporate litigationnot when it comes to work. " The Cgil leadership will meet on Nov. 12 to decide on the general strike, which in all likelihood will take place in December, and will be preceded by the mobilizations on the territory promoted by individual categories. Fiom yesterday proclaimed 8-hour Metalworkers ‘ strike that will be articulated in at least two major national events to be held tentatively on November 14 in Milan and the Nov. 21 in Naples» to urge a breakthrough in economic politics and protest the Jobs Act. Starting today the Fiom has called stops and workplace assemblies to denounce the serious events Wednesday in Rome, but yesterday there were sit-in and solidarity demonstrations in several Italian cities. If the political side 5 star Movement Sel and lodged a motion of no confidence to ask for the resignation of Interior Minister, the Trade Union front Camusso in the evening said she was satisfied for the solidarity expressed by Angelino Alfano to all injured workers: "we have not asked for anybody’s resignation, we call what happened Wednesday, will not happen again." Accusations of Camusso in the morning had replicated the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council, Graziano Delrio, who in reiterating the Government’s commitment in finding a solution to the dispute, "he categorically denied any involvement of the Executive:" no one ever said of raising batons against workers, this government doesn’t raise their clubs against workers ". Yesterday morning Summit with Renzi at Palazzo Chigi important innovations were announced by the Minister of economic development, Federica Guidi, who convened the parties for 6 November, for further discussion on a new business plan that safeguards the production on two ovens and provides maximum 290 redundancies (in front of more than 500 foreseen today) as well as the voluntary mobility, would become 140-150. But the police charges to parade have also had a controversy within the Pd. Davide Zoggia, Dem minority, has linked the violence to the words uttered by Davide Serra to Leopolda on the need to restrict the right to strike, causing a chorus of criticism in the party. «Relate the opinions expressed personally by Davide Serra to Leopolda with what happened in the square in Rome, is a provocation unworthy of an authoritative leader of the Pd» say dem Senators Caldosa, Mario Morgoni and Francesco Scalia. While the President of the Democratic Party, Matteo Orfini, the microphones of Radio 24 criticized both Zakir that Camusso: «I found the two rather questionable statements and wrong, we lived a day very ugly, unpleasant, that you should not repeat ". . For more facts regarding this matter click home page.

Fca, after the separation of the Prancing on the table the dossier alliances.

LONDON-the Ferrari decided by the Board of Directors of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles still rewards Exor, the holding company of the Agnelli family that with the spin off will have nearly a quarter of the House of Maranello and then becomes first single shareholder of the jewel of the Group: the title at Piazza Affari continues his run and ended with a +5.13% to EUR 31.98. Settles Fca that after yesterday’s rally, yields the 0.29% and stops at 8.57 euros, while losing the 0.39% Cnh Industrial which closes the third quarter with revenues down 5.2%, to 7.7 billion dollars and a net profit of 162 million dollars (113 million less), but confirms the targets indicated for 2014. The capital strengthening plan announced by Fca gets positive judgment of the rating agency Fitch for credit profile of the group, even if they weigh a estimates negative cash flow throughout the 2016: the ratings of long and short term remaining to BB-and B and the outlook stable. the value of the Ferrari the theme at the Centre of discussion. Marchionne is not unbalanced, said decider the market and added that there will be surprises. The market is divided: whether Mediobanca analysts the brand of Maranello can claim around 9 billion euros, those of Socgen are more cautious and, starting from the multiples of Porsche, you stop at a valuation close to 6 billion. Among the issues still on the table the possibility that Ferrari also opt for multiple voting mechanism that would allow Exor Dutch to rely much more on 24% held and therefore to strengthen the control. The day after the historic decisions of the Board of Directors of London, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles pi appears strong. The complex financial transaction fielded porter resources exceeding 4 billion: to reinforce the capital will help the loan by converting from 2 billion euros more than 800 million placement, the Ipo on 10% of Ferrari and the extraordinary dividend that the House of Maranello erogher in Fca prior to listing. Fresh means that will cut the debt raised in the third quarter and to support the investment plan 2014-2018 with the launch of new models, but also give greater hand the group for future alliances. The choice of converting would simply leave a greater freedom of action Marchionne in a view to a possible merger. This next front on which they expect the moves of the vertexes of Fca. President John Elkann and Sergio Marchionne explained that the group is ready to play a leading role in the international arena because the objective of the plan to reach 7 million cars sold in 2018 compared to 4.4 million today. . Extended text can be inspected reading http://ba1fa4b8182a647286518f9925f.lucaeisenberg.eu.

The Senate maintains separate Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon regions.

The Senate maintained Thursday separate Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon regions, when considering at second reading the first part of the reform, while the National Assembly had planned to merge them. The senators have followed their special commission’s proposal to maintain the current situation, rejecting by 217 votes against and 123 for a series of amendments in favour of the amalgamation. The addition forces spur development harmonious territorial, and particularly economic, constituting a fourth block of 6 million inhabitants, and twelfth European GDP, based on the complementarity between Toulouse and Montpellier and the Mediterranean, argued Roland Courteau (Aude, PS), favorable to the merger. To Jean-Pierre Grand (Hérault, UMP), another supporter of the merger, nothing justifies that Languedoc-Roussillon remains an isolated region at the time where the other fuse. In the morning, the Senate had confirmed that he wanted the continuation of an autonomous region of Alsace, while the map of the Assembly wanted to integrate a region comprising also Lorraine and Champagne Ardenne. The Senate therefore drew a map of 15 regions, while the Assembly proposed 13. He also refused narrowly separated from Picardy Nord/Pas-de-Calais region. The debate in the Senate should proceed on the night of Thursday to Friday, with particular consideration of mergers of departments, that may affect the two Savoie, and the conditions of the right of option, i.e. the possibility for a Department to leave a region to join another. The text voted by the Senate will be resubmitted to the National Assembly, which could return to its map of 13 regions. . Original source may be studied reading this source.

Palestine, Israel-Sweden clash. And Israel recalls Ambassador.

JERUSALEM-Israel has decided to call back its Ambassador to Sweden for consultations. This is revealed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The resounding decision came today in protest after Stockholm decided to officially recognize the Palestinian State. Isaac Bachman, the representative of Israel in Stockholm, will arrive soon in Jerusalem and will remain until further order. The climate would be so strained that, according to Haaretz, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, one of the Netanyahu Government, falcons is reportedly considering to permanently remove its Ambassador from Stockholm. A move that would upset the diplomatic relations between the two countries, lately sapped after the Swedish decision in favour of the Palestinian people. After the official announcement of Stockholm, Liberman had defined the Swedish decision extremely unpleasant, that will strengthen the radical and extremist forces of the Palestinians. The only way to reach a real agreement, added the Minister, it is clear through negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Moves like that of Stockholm are only a result of stirring up unrealistic demands of the Palestinians, moving away so the solution to the conflict. . You can read this weblink to learn extra about this amazing matter.

Burkina Faso in turmoil.

Burned National Assembly, public television shooting assault, violence in the province: Burkina Faso ignited Thursday against the regime of Blaise Compaor̩, one of the strong men of West Africa, in power for 27 years. In full turmoil, the Government announced at midday canceled the vote on the draft constitutional revision who set fire to the powders, in the morning, and called for calm and restraint. Partners in Burkina Faso, which plays a key role in the unstable Sahel, Paris and Washington are mounted to the niche. France, former colonial powers, argued for a return to calm, and the United States have expressed their concern. The president must draw the consequences of the events, had launched previously B̩n̩wend̩ Sankara, one of the leaders of the opposition, who, with others, had called on the population to walk on the Parliament. A part of the building of the National Assembly has been ravaged by flames. Of dramatic and thick black smoke were coming out through the broken windows. Mamadou WONG, a member of the opposition, said that his colleagues in the majority Рwho are supposed to have spent the night in a nearby hotel Рhad been freed to go before violence. The police attempted briefly to stop the demonstrators by firing tear gas, and then retreated. Over a thousand young people have managed to enter the building and ransack it, the cries of release Kosyam, the name of the Presidential Palace. Burkina Faso tipped over in the crisis with the announcement, on October 21, a constitutional revision draft on two or three the maximum number of presidential periods. Arrived at the business 27 years ago, after the assassination of Thomas Sankara with whom he had seized power a few years earlier, president Compaor̩ had to complete next year his last term, after two terms (1992-2005) and two five (2005-2015). Who has already changed twice article 37 of the basic law in 1997 and in 2000, to remain in power, defended the strict legality of its approach to this third editing. He remained silent Thursday. But the opposition fears that this new change leads the head of State, already elected four times with scores Soviets, to perform non-not one but three additional mandates, guaranteeing more 15 years in power. . Additional data can be inspected clicking article.

Risk for man and the environment – micro plastic passes through sewage treatment plants in German waters.

The tiny plastic particles are an ecological problem. Because they bind pollutants themselves and get into the food chain. Oldenburg Ostfriesische Wasserverband (was) and the Lower Saxony State Office for water management, coastal and nature conservation (NLWKN) gave an investigation of water in order for this reason. This from the expiration of twelve wastewater treatment plants sampled. The load passed through micro plastic particle by 86 per cubic meter up to 714 per cubic metre and by fibres from 98 to 1479 per cubic meter.   Particles in the water and in the rivers appears depending on the size of the plant per year between 93 million and 8.2 billion. Experts find large amounts of micro plastic in the sludge. Per kilogram of dry matter, there were between 1000 and more than 24 000 particles. For each wastewater treatment plant that is extrapolated values between 1.2 and 5.7 billion particles and fibers. Again, if sewage sludge on fields is applied, the particles released into the environment. . Inspirational facts can be studied checking this http://ba1fa4b8182a647286518f9925f.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Even for managers apply the rules on collective redundancies.

Indeed-in the light of that case-law recently said Milan-will have to check if this period there have been layoffs or "notice of dismissal (notices sent to DTL for recesses of an economic nature). If the threshold is not exceeded, apply the rules already known: the company can lay off without any special procedures (just a letter, in which they set out the reasons for the decision) and the employee may appeal the decision, hoping to get-if proves that business reasons were taken without justification and hence are economic protection-arbitrary (c. d. additional bonusfixed in the slightest and most collective agreements). It comes into play in individual termination, the requirement to apply selection criteria, as well as there is no obligation to prove that the company could assign the employee to different tasks: it counts only the "justification" of withdrawal. The situation changes if, by applying the rule drawn up by the Court of Justice and by the newly approved reform, the manager gets caught up in a collective procedure: in this case, the first to impose the dismissal must spend 75 days foreseen by the law (or the term halved for collective redundancies of dimensions), and at the time of the withdrawal the company must make a comparison between all potentially redundant executivesby choosing those to be made redundant under the selection criteria defined by law (production requirements, loads of family, old age). The decision to impose even the leaders selection criteria is quite paradoxical, since it denies in the root trust relationship management character; that decision, however, could be avoided, as the Court of Justice in its judgment of February had not said anything about. To avoid distorted applications of the principle, companies and managers representatives will strive, in the context of the joint examination, define-by agreement-trade alternative selection criteria more appropriate to the Executive report. . You can check the following blog to discover more about this interesting topic.

Sivens: the general Council of the Tarn, believed the dam, despite everything.

If it abandons the project, it is the whole Republic which is questioned. The PS member and general counsel of the Tarn Jacques Valax does not mince his words. We will not yield to 150 types that come from Notre-Dame-des-Landes and which are not in the region. If it did that, it means that the elect are more worthless. Jacques Valax knows what he wants: the impounding reservoir project [the dam, Editor's note] of Sivens may be suspended temporarily but it should not be stopped permanently. André Maille is the same argument as his opponent in the general Council, the Socialist Jacques Valax: If we give 200 people today, it will no longer build motorways in France. Experts mandated by Ségolène Royal had concluded Monday that the dam-reservoir project was oversized and costly compared to the volume of stored water. Regretting that alternatives were not actually analyzed, they had nevertheless found it difficult to stop the construction at this stage. He should know what they are talking about evoking a resize, argues Jacques Valax. We are not going to shrink the impounding reservoir. Need to make changes on irrigation. . Extended data can be inspected visiting site.

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