Madrid and Lisbon paralyzed with veto power agenda.

Poland and several countries of the Eastern bloc continue to use more coal the average in its energy mix, and that reducing emissions may be more expensive, less bearable. However, the appointment of former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as the future President of the European Council can open any door: Tusk can not brand new with a veto of their country. In the case of Portugal and Spain, the fight focuses on European partners to accept a target of 15% in 2030 energy interconnections; now, that figure is almost ridiculous, 2.4% in the Spanish case. But the sources say that the crux of the matter – that may be worth as indicative figure-, more than that from 15% of the interconnections through encompass the reduction of emissions to the low degree of interconnection. That would give more leeway to Spain and Portugal to meet as there is no infrastructure properly connecting the peninsula with the Mainland. "We will not support an agreement that does not include goals of energy infrastructure because they are essential to create a stable and predictable regulatory framework to attract private investment," he told Reuters Bruno Macaes, Secretary of State for Europe of the Portuguese Executive. Diplomatic sources indicated that Spain would be willing to accept a nonbinding target of 15% for the interconnections and "is not in need of veto" package. France already meets the 10% interconnection (the goal set for 2020) with all its neighbours. With one exception: Spain. . For extra facts about this subject read

Civil process, Decree, the Government calls for confidence. Orlando: first step for Justice reform.

"On behalf of my Government the question of trust entirely substitute amendment of Decree-Law on civil process. The announcement by the Minister for relations with Parliament Maria Elena Woods is greeted by boos and protests from the Chamber of the Senate, engaged in the first reading of the measure enacted by the Government in August. For Andrea Orlando, keeper of the decree is "the first step of the reform of civil justice», that «that weighs on business and family conditions». In short, the Government intends to promote a law delegating to another organic intervention on justice. Proceedings pending arbitrations Many chapters regulated by Decree, from assisted negotiation the reduction of paid magistrates up to the suspension of the working proceedings. Qualified aspects the possibility of activating an arbitration procedure for cases pending in court and Court of appeal, with the exception of proceedings relating to legal rights (work, social security funds). Under the procedure governed by the dl, the judge sends the issue to the President of the Council of the district law society for the appointment of one or more arbitrators identified among lawyers enrolled for at least 3 years in the register, which will follow the proceedings. The award has a value judgment. Assisted negotiation to avoid the courts Another pillar assisted negotiation rules. The parties who do not have hearing a judge or an arbitrator will resolve the dispute in an out-of-court settlement with the assistance of their lawyers. Excluding rights unavailable. The negotiation must be attempted, before going to the Court for compensation for damage caused by road traffic and applications for payments of amounts within the 50 thousand euros. The timing will determine the parties but shall not be less per month and more than 4. They are also extendable for no more than two months. The Court may also invite to proceed with negotiation. Divorce and separation without passing by the judge rules flag of the Decree, those relating to separation and divorce. In practice, you will no longer need to go to the Court to dissolve the marriage: assisted negotiation will apply to separations and divorces by mutual consent if there are no minor children or adults with disabilities or insufficient economically. The lawyer shall send to the Registrar a certified copy of the agreement reached, on pain of a penalty. In the maxiamendment of Government it is expected, however, that before sending to the Registrar, the agreement is forwarded to the public prosecutor at the Court with jurisdiction which, when it identifies irregularities communicates to lawyers the go-ahead for fulfilment. . You can visit this blog to discover more about this great subject.

Tabledance-bar, VIP-area, DIY – accommodates Germany its refugees here.

The municipalities of groan under the refugee onslaught on Germany. Often, there is no appropriate accommodation, so the cities access deep into the bag of tricks: in Munich, the VIP area of the Olympic Stadium has been equipped with cots. In Mühldorf moved the asylum seekers at a former Tabledance-bar – where they spend the night dance bars and leather sofas. The Club offers although sufficient toilets, the refugees are but driven by bus to a nearby gym to showering. The city of Cologne has been forced to unusual measures: A former practitioner DIY should in the future serve as emergency accommodation. The hardware store is currently being rebuilt. Already in June the city at a forced sale for allegedly almost six million euro acquired a four thousand square-foot four-star hotel with ninety-three rooms and a spa area, to make an accommodation. It is unclear whether the refugees may use the spa area. . For more data regarding this topic read home page.

When conventional medicine is not enough.

After 25 years of practice of traditional medicine, my clinical experience and my experience of practitioner require me to admit that one does not know about. Medicine still possesses unexplored mysteries that our rational and scientific mind is unable to explain. The patient is (and remains) an unknown. The official medicine has its limits and the question that I often ask myself is: what will happen to patients when one has tried everything? When official medicine, that learned on the banks of the Faculty is not sufficient or is inoperative, have the modesty and humility to recognize and be open by sending our sick to practitioners who work differently from us and which have effective results. Patients first!, this is my medical philosophy, and this should be that of my colleagues. To create walkways and bridges between official recognized and Orthodox medicine and tell alternative, complementary medicines. The medicine must not be a Citadel folded on itself, an untouchable monopoly. It must make move mentalities. The tools available to us, even though they have allowed us to make enormous progress, are not perfect. And when we find our therapeutic failure, seems to me essential that other practitioners, other caregivers take the relay. The practice of medicine can no longer continue to ignore the idiopathic approach, or hypnosis, or healers, or art therapy, etc., do what would be to enrich his own practice and its wide range of therapeutic means. Have an open mind, have empathy, analyze the methods and their results, it is of a great humanism and scientific spirit. . You must click this source to read extra on this great topic.

Apple’s new iPads in the test: one is, the other merely cute.

Apple’s iPad air 2 is missing something. At the point where all previous, a switch was iPads right up, it’s now. While I had used so much on this page button. I use it regularly, to turn the sound off or back. You need the switch but are no longer an Apple Manager has now declared me. Finally could you mute the sound also via the control center, which can quickly get to the screen with a wipe from the bottom and just as quickly removed. As a further innovation of the iPad air 2, Apple touted the A8X processor. With three cores, 1.5 GHz clock frequency and 2 GB memory should he be faster than the A7 of the predecessor. Leistungsmessprogramme that I malträtierte the iPad air 2, confirmed this information. And they show that the A8X also compared to the A8, which inside the iPhone models 6 and 6 plus, is clearly laid. While I wonder why they would use a tablet to the photography and filming, is immediately clear that the TouchID fingerprint sensor the innovation on the iPad air 2, which brings me right off the bat the biggest added value to me. Instead to enter passwords or PIN codes to unlock the tablet or to authorize purchases at Apple’s online shop I just put my finger on the button. Has to get used to it, you will no longer forgo this kind of comfort. The first iPad air was still the complete reinvention of the iPad, the iPad 2 air tends to model. The TouchID sensor increases comfort, which redesigned screen has the image quality, the A8X processor first and foremost so large power reserves, getting the device foreseeable hardly at its borders. The update succeeded. Even better it would become, filled Apple would have the place, who became free thanks to the new display, from my point of view with a larger battery, instead of making the already thin iPad air even thinner. . Inspirational source could be read visiting this url.

The Iraq seeking support in Iran face Daech.

The fight against their common enemy – the Sunni Jihadists – has been at the centre of the first visit of the new Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi, started Tuesday in its powerful neighbour Iran. Shia power in Baghdad as Tehran are among the targets of Sunni radicals, who conquered swathes of Iraq since June. And with the approach of the Shiite religious festival of Ashura, which sees hundreds of thousands of faithful gather, the attacks against the followers of Ali have proliferated, these days in Iraq. Tuesday, at least 12 people were killed in two attacks car bomb in a Shiite neighborhood in northeastern Baghdad. The day before, eleven others had already died when a suicide bomber set off his explosives outside a Shiite mosque in the capital. More serious for Tehran, Monday again, jihadis disguised as Kurdish fighters attacked the town of Qara Tappa, 50 km from the Iranian border North of Baghdad. The fighting made fifteen dead, eight civilians and seven pechmergas who defended the city, while thousands of residents were fleeing the violence. . Root data can be studied reading the following blog.

Also this year, for the Tenth Edition, from 24 to 26 November back to Milan Matching, a path for the development of the enterprise. At Fieramilano event organized by Compagnia delle Opere comes to life between large and small business owners, and emerging leaders. With respectable names, from Davis, Eataly, Nestlé, Orogel fresco, Riso Gallo, Best Western, Trip Advisor, Eden Viaggi, Valtur, Biesse, Brembo, Ducati, Mercedes, Google, Microsoft, Olidata, Saint Gobain, Bpm, Deutsche Bank, Intesa San Paolo. In short, a long list that Bernhard Scholz, President of the Cdo, in an interview with the Director of Aidan Taylor. it, commented: we are market leaders in all sectors. We think that the comparison between small business and big business is crucial. We are convinced that the encounter and confrontation, this provocation and this sharing are the most important to create the conditions for change and be more present on the market. On the political situation, Scholz is very clear: Renzi? Surely gave beginning to a phase of reform. It is important that these reforms are, and had ended. Here is what we are asking the premier: first a reform of the tax system. Less taxes and detassare work. Second: supporting families. Third: simplify the labour market and public administration. Finally, on the crisis of the companies and associations that represent how Cdo does not get lost and do not grow in numerical terms, even if they are from us companies that close. However I am confident that will emerge from this crisis. We will have to go better than before. Compagnia delle Opere presents the new Matching, a path for the development of the enterprise that provides opportunities and tools needed to understand and cope with the market. Now in its tenth edition, Matching shares under the banner of "share & grow" through multiple opportunities for growth and sharing of business that will lead to the 24, 25 and November 26, 2014 to be held in Fieramilano Rho. The turning point in relation to previous editions is the opportunity to participate in an annual 4 steps path that helps the company to become the protagonist of his change: after the initial phase of Matching welcome, useful for a first dialogue aimed at knowing the opportunity for participation in Matching, since the month of September has started Matching training phase, crucial to identify strengths and distinctive values to spend on fundamental market opportunity in November. Agile tools in this path are the portal www. e-matching. en social dedicated channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and the blog always full of news. Matching live will be organized in 15 areas, in which each participant can focus knowledge, involve experts, work methodologies and demonstrate research, stimulate collaboration and networks and to provide proposals, ideas and projects. Within each Area there will be an industry leader and best practices: entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who have had the ability to look beyond the boundaries of your business and have designed and implemented the change. Each participant will be able to meet these leaders by following a schedule of overview, workshops, work tables and workshops in an exchange of value that leads to growth. The 15 areas are the following: Construction, Finance & & Furniture Insurance, Food, Healthcare, Industrial Products, Internationalization, Logistics & Mobility, Mktg & Communication, Networking, Power Software & & Ecology, ICT, business start-up, Employment, Travel Training & & Hospitality, Welfare. Last, but actually the first step of the new location, Matching Follow up, that will be critical to continue the confrontation after the event through a dedicated digital platform that will make Matching an Enterprise Active community all year round. To create opportunities for knowledge, dialogue, partnership and business increasingly important, continuing to share and grow together. All the news on www. e-matching. it. Now in its tenth edition, Matching share & grow becomes a path for the development of the enterprise. Next to the portal www. e-matching. it is full of news and of all appointments scheduled Digital platform will guide the participants to live event of 24, 25 and November 26, 2014 at Fieramilano Rho and will give life to a Business Community throughout the year. Matching spaces will be organized and intuitive, to foster dialogue between the market leaders and small medium enterprises: in the Center there is always the entrepreneur and its growth potential. Matching involves the interaction of 15 areas. Are those representing 10 different productive sectors: The proposed activity within the areas has been initiated in the past few months to arrive at scientific level palimpsest composed overview, workshops, work tables and even one-to-one meetings taking place during the three days of Matching live. All the latest news in the areas are "told" on www. e-matching. it the blogs and social dedicated channels. In each Area, the participants will be invited to meet with potential partners and competitors, meet industry leaders invited specifically to communicate with small and medium-size Italian entrepreneurs, but also to discover and get involved with internationalization best practices, network and innovation, to learn about the opportunities that come from other areas outside your own and to address specifically the problems that everyone knows is most urgent in its activities. The big names of Italian and international entrepreneurship will meet for three days of Matching. Are non-formal opportunities to share experiences, strategies and projects with managers of those companies that have distinguished themselves for innovation, results and expansion capabilities and market presence. In the Industrial area consolidated Products comparison arena sees prestigious names of Italian and international entrepreneurship which Biesse, Brembo, Ducati and Mercedes. Not just "speech", but a formal opportunity to very useful comparison with small businesses that face the passage from "subcontracting" to recognition as producers of Made in Italy excellence. . Related information can be found clicking article.

Fewer forces in football: North Rhine-Westphalia report evaluates pilot project a success.

In the report, which mirror is available ONLINE and at the meeting of the Home Affairs Committee on 23 October, as well as on the Sports Committee meeting on October 28 will be presented, the Ministry evaluates 54 games during the pilot period from 1 August to 28 September. 25 games were used for the comparison. The reason for the reduction was according to Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) the rise of the encounters in the three leagues in North Rhine-Westphalia, of 210 games in the preseason to 231 and associated structural overload of riot police. Hunter had considered previously implemented next season the project success concept is run since the end of the pilot phase in which – but not everywhere it is rated so positive in the report. So the Lower Saxony police Union criticized: the political directives in NRW have not proven themselves and represent no viable means to reduce the usage load. The GdP Lower Saxony land Chairman Dietmar Schilff says that on Monday. The operations supervisor on-site decide about the police tactics and the need for power and it must remain so. Violent clashes between violent fans in the aftermath of the Saturday night game of the 8th tags of the Bundesliga match between Schalke 04 and Hertha BSC Berlin (2-0) were recent trigger for Schilffs criticism. Twelve police officers had been injured, three officials had to provide their injuries in the hospital by a doctor. In Lower Saxony the police line will maintain in the future, so Schilff: assumes the GdP. The first hurdle has been already the law, on Wednesday the Bremen Senate of likely will decide about it. The DFL announced immediate legal actions: in case that the Act at second reading is approved and then charges notices be issued on the basis of the amended regulations, the League Association as announced will appeal against it. . For extended about this matter visit

For iPhone & iPad – it’s in Apple’s iOS new 8.1.

You can soon forget but perhaps the most important new feature in Germany: Apple pay, the ability to authorize a purchase only with the ID of touch sensor of new iPhones and iPads will start only in the United States. In a note on the new payment service in the settings not even found. Apart from the missing Apple pay iOS 8 1 brings some exciting new features on the iPhone and iPad. Completely new, however, is the "iCloud clutter (Beta)". To enable this option under settings-> iCloud-> photos, automatically all pictures and videos of the device in full resolution in Apple’s cloud are transferred. So the photos for all devices available, including via the browser, when you find out about icloud. com dials in the own account. In addition, this option of saving for users with a chronic space problem could bring. Who activated the iCloud clutter, can choose "Optimize iPhone store" option. In this case the image in original size in the cloud is stored, on the device only a space-saving miniature version. Vielknippser will come quite soon at the 5-GB memory limit of iCloud. If you need even more space, can be used for a fee to book (from EUR 0.99 to EUR per month / 20 GB). . Related info can be inspected visiting

Consultations on legal reform: China’s new emperor Xi.

The mix of Marxism and Confucianism was disconcerting. But exactly what constitutes XI, says the historian Zhang Lifan. He is not a leader with modern thinking approaches. He thinks traditional and turns to the traditional Chinese culture. What we hear from him, reminds of old imperial rule methods, so Zhang. XI like at the time Deng Xiaoping wants to centralize things in his hands. He wants to be a strong leader, far-reaching decisions and make it clear that he has the reins in his hand, the American political analyst Ezra says bird. The State media do their, XI’s undisputed role as a support number one. Since Mao Zedong, no head of State is so often mentioned in the media as XI. The touch of the personality cult, actually frowned upon since the end of the Mao period, blows to the 61-Jährigen. Whether he will it and like or whether he considers it necessary, we don’t know. But it’s overkill. You make it a virtually omnipotent person, says political analyst Zhang. . Extended info can be read reading reference.

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